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Shoutout To KPRS4EVER

KPRS4ever Hugs!!

Hey there, everyone, J here with the first in what will hopefully be a series of posts I’m calling “Fanfic Author Spotlight.” It’s where I give a shoutout to some of the fanfic author’s that I’ve gotten to know fairly well. That can mean both through their writings or through conversations I’ve had over the Internet with them. First up, we have a good friend of mine, someone’s whose talent as a writer’s only matched by her skill as an artist, KPRS4Ever!

A Little Bit About Her

I first met Sarah, AKA KPRS4ever, on Twitter not long after Star vs. The Forces of Evil ended. We both loved the show and were sad to see it end, and after chatting a lot on Twitter, we got along great. So now, I guess you could say that we’re friends or Internet buddies.

From what she’s told us, KP’s a New Jersey native who’s currently attending college and pursuing her major. She’s worked as an intern at Disney World, and said its one of the best experiences of her life. So much so that once she graduates, she plans on moving to Florida and getting a job working with Disney. And if Disney doesn’t hire her, then the mouse fails to see a talented writer and artist.

Brilliant Writer and Artist

KP may be one of the biggest fans of Star vs. The Forces of Evil that I’ve ever met, and she channels that passion into her fanworks. Having already written some fan works for Miraculous Ladybug and Kim Possible, she turned her focus to Star after the show ended. Her story, When Two Worlds Collide, picks up where the show left off as the cast deals with their new world. While I think the story starts out a little slow for my tastes, once it gets going, its as good as the show. Plenty of others seem to think so, too, as her story’s one of the most popular for the show on Wattpad:

A testament to KPRS4Ever's writing abilities
If Disney doesn’t hire her, they’re missing out.

In addition, KPRS4ever’s talents extend to fan art. She’s a passionate fan artist who’s made plenty of drawings for shows like Kim Possible and Star vs.. You wouldn’t be alone if you mistook one of her drawings as an image from the actual show:

As a matter of fact, KP’s so good that she’s even gotten recognition from the cast of the show. In October, Adam McArthur, the voice actor for Marco Diaz, hosted his first ever Boba Meetup at New York Comic Con. Not only did KP help organize and attend the event, but she made a special print to be signed by Adam himself for the occassion. Adam even went so far as to give her a shoutout on social media for it. Now that’s recognition!

KPRS4ever Needs Help

Between her writing and her artwork, all signs seem to point to a good future for KPRS4ever. However, not all is well for her. A few months back, she told us on Twitter that, due to some dumb technicalties, she was unable to get the final 0.5 credit she need to graduate college. As a result, she’d have to pay for an entire semester for a single class, or something. I don’t remember, I was too busy ranting about how unfair it was.

I believe she was able to work something out in the end. However, she still needs to take a final semester of college in order to graduate. The problem is that it’s going to cost her an extra $2,000. So instead of taking out more loans, she’s going the entrepreneurial route. That’s where you come in.

Right now, she’s got a Gofundme campaign running in order to make the money she needs for her last semester. In addition, she’s begun selling merchandise featuring her artwork over on Redbubble. All you need to do is to go to either of those places and give her the money she needs. That way, she can graduate when she wants, fulfill her dreams, and potentially make the next big cartoon at Disney in 8-10 years. It’s like a long-term investment!

So, what are you waiting for? Go over to these sites and check her out. You can also find her on Tumblr, Instagram, and Wattpad. Know that you’re helping to support a talented artist and writer by doing so!

KPRS4ever’s Gofundme page

Here’s her Redbubble page! I just bought myself a phonecase from her with the wand on it!

Click here if you want to read her fanfic.

Click here to see my review of When Two Worlds Collide

And if you still need convincing, here’s some of her artwork. All rights go to KPRS4Ever, Daron Nefcy, and Disney.

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