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One For All Infinite! Deku’s Full Power!

My Hero Academia Season 4, Episode 13 Review/Recap

So let’s review: Lemillion’s powerless, Nighteye’s impaled, and all the other heroes are too far away to stop Overhaul. If he gets away with Eri, then it could be the end of the era of Quirks. None of that matters to Deku, though. All that he cares about is saving the crying little girl in front of him, even if it means going beyond his limits! At last, we see the true power of One for All!


On the surface, Ryukyu along with Froppy, Uravity, and Nejire-Chan are still fighting against the Eight Bullets member Rikiya. His drug-enhanced Quirk lets him suck the energy out of the heroes, making him extremely dangerous. Then, Toga appears disguised as Deku and tricks everyone into crashing into the base below, all so they can capture Eri for their own benefit. With Deku the only hero left standing, he’s hellbent on saving Eri, fate be damned. Finally realizing that the heroes won’t stop until they save her, Eri chooses to jump to Deku. Overhaul, on the other hand, uses his Quirk to merge with Rikiya, turning into an abomination hellbent on getting Eri back.

The true power of One for All is amazing
Read this from the top left then go clockwise

In the midst of saving Eri from Overhaul, Deku realizes that he used One for All at 100%. To his surprise, though, he realizes his body remains uninjured. It’s Eri’s Quirk: she has the power to rewind people’s bodies to a previous state. Whereas Overhaul calls her Quirk a curse, Deku calls it kind and a blessing, moving her to tears. With Eri’s Quirk repairing any damage, Deku unleashes the full power of One for All. The result is something that can’t be put into words, so I’m just going to show you the clip.

…holy cow.


I’ve said this in comments on some of my friends blogs about My Hero Academia, but I’m going to say it again. In my honest opinion, Deku has the potential to become one of the most greatest superheroes in all of fiction. Right up there with Batman, Spider-Man, and the Man of Steel himself. His clash against Overhaul, while not as epic as All Might and All for One, comes close!

This episode may be one of the best in the entire anime. The animation for Deku’s final clash was as god-tier as you can get, letting you feel the raw emotion of the moment. If this is what Deku’s capable of now, just wait until the day he masters One for All; he’ll be a demigod!

One for All, full power beatdown

Matching the action, though, was the emotions felt, especially regarding Eri. She basically has the power to say “no” to damage; if she could master her Quirk, think of all the lives she could save! Deku’s right: Eri’s Quirk is kind and a blessing, and Overhaul doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Seeing such a cruel man finally get what he deserves made my weekend.

The bottom line is, “Infinite 100%” is one of the best episodes of My Hero Academia. Not only does it see that scumbag Overhaul get his just desserts, it gave us a look at One for All at full power. Mark my words: Deku will be a demigod by the time the series ends in ten-fifteen years. Go beyond, Plus Ultra!

I Give “Infinite 100%” a 5/5

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  1. Wow……and they were animating “Heroes Rising” while this episode was being made. And it was THIS episode was a thing?! MAN, Studio bones f”cking rules! I wish they could do the “Black Clover” anime because I think people would like it a lot more.

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