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Malty Melromarc, the Definition of a Bitch

Malty Melromarc, Bitch

Why Malty Melromarc is the Worst Girl in Anime History

Malty Melromarc is worst girl ever
Such beauty wasted on such an ugly hag.

Without a doubt, The Rising of the Shield Hero’s one of the best anime I’ve seen in years. Not only does it offer plenty of action and drama, but it gave us the best girl of 2019, Raphtalia. However, it also gave us the only woman in fiction that I despise more than Cersei Lannister. That woman’s name is Malty Melromarc.

To say I hate Malty would be an understatement; I loathe her very existence and actions. Which is why I called my review of the episode where she gets her just desserts “Naofumi’s Best Day Ever”. Since I already gave my pick for best girl of 2019, I wanted to give you guys my pick for the worst girl of 2019, Malty.

Sin #1: Made Naofumi’s Life Hell

Malty Melromarc, Bitch

When Naofumi and the other three heroes get summoned to this new world, no one wants to join Naofumi. They all see Naofumi as weak since, being the Shield Hero, he can’t attack. The only one to help him out is a girl named Myne who seems nice at first. Then she reveals her true nature as a bitch.

Myne’s an alias Malty uses as an adventurer, and then she uses her status as Princess of Melromarc to frame Naofumi for attempting to rape her. If he had been anyone else, Naofumi would have been executed. Instead, the kingdom treats him like an outcast and with contempt. As a result, Naofumi develops the bitter and cynical personality he retains for the rest of the series.

While this was only the first act of cruelty Malty inflicted upon Naofumi, there are two things that make this truly heinous. Firstly, she has no ulterior motives whatsoever; she only does it because she can. Secondly, it’s pretty much confirmed in the web novel the anime’s based on that she’s done this to multiple men in the past, all of whom were executed. In other words, she’s a psychopathic serial killer.

Sin 2: Trying to Take Away Raphtalia

After her framing of Naofumi, Malty went on to join the party of Motoyasu, the Spear Hero and the first to believe her lies. The man’s a shameless flirt, though, and when he started hitting on Raphtalia, she got jealous. Refusing to let Naofumi have any happiness, she manipulated Motoyasu into dueling Naofumi, then cheated to ensure he won, setting Raphtalia free.

On the surface, this looks like another petty way to hurt Naofumi by taking away his only companion, and it is. However, in the web novels, an even darker motive comes to life. It turns out that free demi-humans had less rights than slaves in Melromarc. Had Raphtalia chosen to remain free, Malty would have likely killed her for sport. What an absolute bitch.

Sins #3, 4, and 5- Tried to murder her sister, frame Naofumi, and seize control of Melromarc

After that, Malty’s actions are limited to being a continued nusiance to Naofumi’s party. However, they’re immediately cranked back up to eleven with the return of her younger sister and crown princess, Melty. Due to her awful personality, Malty’s mother chose to make the younger Melty the heir to Melromarc’s throne. As a result, Malty schemed to reclaim what she saw as hers.

This ultimately led her to side with the Shield Hero hating Church of the Three Heroes to frame Naofumi for kidnapping Melty. She then used this as an opportunity to murder her sister in cold blood so she could become the next heir to the throne. She went so far as to burn an entire forest to the ground to flush Naofumi’s group out of hiding.

Luckily, though, the Church of the Three Heroes turns on everyone in order to seize power for themselves, leading them to be brought down by the efforts of Naofumi. The Queen of Melrocmarc then returns and begins setting right everything Malty’s done.

Justice Can Be So Cathartic

So, let’s review everything Malty’s done. She falsely accused Naofumi of trying to rape her, tried to take away his only friend and companion, repeatedly got in his way, framed him again, and turned him into a wanted criminal. She did all this while having no reason beyond the fact that she could do it, too. In other words, Malty Melromarc’s a petty, vindictive, and overall waste of human life, effectivley making her Cersei 2.0.

Fortunately for everyone, Malty’s even dumber than Cersei was. Once everyone became wise to what she was doing, it was only a matter of time before everything blew up in face. When it did, though, the results felt absolutely cathartic.

Seeing Malty scream in pain as every one of her lies became undone was an absolute joy to watch. I know that sounds sadistic, but considering everything that she unjustly did to Naofumi, it felt justified. I was perfectly happy letting her be executed. However, in a moment of true Cersei stupidity, she had the nerve to beg Naofumi to spare her life. So he did. What he chose to do her instead, though, was just as amazing.

As punishment for all her heinous deeds, Malty would lose her title as Princess, her level got reset, and her legal name was changed to Bitch. Depending on the medium, her adventurer alias got changed to “slut” or “whore”. It was absolutely perfect.

What Happens Now?

The Shield Hero currently only has one season under its belt, and its unknown if it will get a second one. If it does, though, I will tell you guys this: Malty Bitch will not learn her lesson. She actually gets worse.

Even though she’s a selfish, vindictive, petty, narcissistic psychopath, Malty’s Bitch is also a complete an utter idiot who will betray anyone who sides with her. Once people are wise to her ways, then she’s not much of a threat. However, in the web and light novels, that doesn’t stop her from continuing to manipulate and use others to get revenge on those who she think wronged her. As a result, Naofumi eventually downgrades her from a Bitch to a Witch. If the web novel’s are any indication, though, Malty Bitch Witch’s fate will end up being worse than death.

And that’s why Malty Melromarc is the worst girl in anime history and now sits at the top of my hate list. Fortunately, the anime balances it out by giving us the best girl of 2019.

Raphtalia and Malty, the best and worst girls of 2019
The best Girl and Worst Girl of Anime 2019

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