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Wait, We’re at the Mid-Season Finale?!?

Sword Art Online: Alicization- War of Underworld Episode 36 Review/Recap

So, apparently, Sword Art Online’s going on break for a few months. It’s reached the halfway point for this season, right when thing’s are about to get interesting. Thanks to that hacker whose name I forget, Gabriel has an army of ignorant gamers to fight for him in Underworld. Which is why its frustating to see them go on break for the season.



Having logged into Underworld thinking they’re in a beta game, the American players begin killing anything that moves, much to everyone’s horror. As a result of the slaughter and Vecta’s unwillingness to do anything, Iskahn begins to fight the Seal. In the end, his rage becomes so great that he rips his right eye out like a boss! He then forms a truce with the Integrity Knights in exchange for help saving his forces, which Asuna readily accepts

Iskahn rebels in the mid-season finale.
I got nothing but respect for this guy for what he just did!

Fortunately, the American Players are like Stormtroopers: poorly trained and go down with little effort. As a result, the Knights plow through them. However, Alice gets separated from the others, and as a result, gets captured by Vecta/Gabriel. Thus, Bercouli takes off in pursuit, and most of the decoy force follows him in order to rescue Alice.

In the Mid-Season Finale, Alice gets captured by Vecta

Back in the real world, that loser hacker sends another 20,000 American players to intercept the Human Empire forces. However, they’re then immediately intercept by Sinon. Using another super-account, Sinon dives into Underworld and uses her godlike powers to slaughter the players. Then, the first half of War of Underworld ends.

Sinon makes her entrance as the mid-season finale ends
My second favorite heroine in SAO appears.


I cannot believe that I have to wait until April to see how everything ends. I know how it turns out thanks to the Light Novels, but I was so looking forward to seeing the calvary arrive. We already know that almost all of Kirito’s friends are going to come and fight, with Asuna, Sinon, and Leafa leading the charge. However, reading about it and seeing it happen are two different things. In other words, it’s going to be an epic action moment and full of fan service.

As far as mid-season finale’s go, though, I think SAO chose the best possible moment to take a break. Everything’s starting to go crazy, past characters are coming in to help, and Alice is now in the hands of the evil Gabriel. It’s a good cliffhanger.

In addition to that, the show’s teased the return of an old enemy of Asuna and Kirito’s in the form of Vassago. If you haven’t figured out who he is, here’s a hint: it’s showtime.

Because of this break, my series for SAO’s on hiatus until April. When it does start up again, though, I will handle it with gusto. This is turning into one of the best arcs in SAO. Karandi, if you’re reading this, this would be a great time to get back into the show.

I Give “Ray of Light” a 3.7/5. Great Set-Up, still bummed about the break.

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