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Lemillion’s Heroic Power

My Hero Academia Season 4, Episode 11 Review/Recap

I heard that for reasons beyond their control, the simuldub of My Hero Academia‘s delayed for a week. So I almost chose not to go through with a review this week. However, I decided that, subbed or dubbed, MHA is MHA. It’s a good thing, too, because this episode, we got to see Lemillion show just how great of a hero he really is. In fact, I can see why Nighteye wanted him to be All Might’s successor. Lemillion’s got the heart of a true hero.


Despite being part of an alliance with the Hassakai, Twice and Toga remember Shigaraki’s instructions to sabotage the group. Thus, they provoke Mimicry into losing his cool and exposing himself to the heroes. That makes him easy prey for Deku to take out whilst the League of Villains pair escapes. Meanwhile, Lemillion finally manages to catch up to Overhaul and Eri, only to be set upon by two more members of the Eight Bullets.

Finishing Move, Phantom Menace
I love how Horikoshi wears his love for Star Wars on his sleeve.

Even outnumbered, Lemillion proves more than capable of holding his own, wiping the floor with the Eight Bullets and grabbing a hold of Eri. As a result of provoking Overhaul by using his real name, the villainous Yakuza leader goes berserk with his power. The two continue to clash, until one of the Eight Bullets fires a perfect anti-Quirk bullet straight at Eri. Even though he knows what will happen, Lemillion throws himself in front of Eri, taking the shot and losing his Quirk.

Quirkless or not, Lemillion uses all of his training and manages to keep Overhaul at bay, despite sustaining serious injuries. However, his efforts aren’t in vain; at that moment, Deku and the others finally catch up to Overhaul!


Lemillion's resolve
Lemillion proves what we already knew: you don’t need powers to be a hero

We’ve heard several times now how Overhaul thinks Quirks are a disease that’s infected people with the notion of heroism, blah blah blah. Well, if anything, Lemillion proves that that’s a load of baloney. You don’t need to have incredible powers to be a hero and save someone, and Lemillion reminds us of that, just as Deku did at the start of the story. His resolve even in the face of losing his Quirk is what makes him a true hero.

I can now see why Sir Nighteye wanted Lemillion to be the next Symbol of Peace. Even though we know Deku’s tapped to become that, I still think Lemillion will become one of the greatest heroes in the world. In other words, I know he’ll get his Quirk back someday, even if it hasn’t happened in the manga yet.

However, it’s now time for Deku to take center-stage and do what he does best: beat Overhaul’s beaked face into a bloody pulp. I don’t care if the dub’s no longer a simuldub; I’m looking forward to the next episode! Deku vs. Overhaul, at last! Go Beyond, Plus Ultra!

I Give “Lemillion” a 4/5

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  1. I meant what I said about IGN in the excerpt, too. The fight may not have been epic, but it didn’t have to be. It’s purpose was showcase Lemillion’s resolve to be a hero in spite of the danger. And to prove that you don’t need powers to be a hero.

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