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Change Is Coming For Steven

Steven Universe: Future, Episodes 9-10 Review

If Steven Universe was about building Steven up as a messianic figure, then Steven Universe: Future’s been about deconstructing that archetype. In other words, what happens someone who thrives on saving and helping others runs out of people to help? So far, Steven’s been handling this change poorly. In fact, he seems to be handling change altogether poorly.

“Little Graduation”

Steven's aversion to change comes back to bite him.

The first class of Little Homeschool’s about to graduate, yet Steven’s stressing out over all the change in his life. Firstly, he learns Lars and the Off-Colors plan to go back into space. Secondly, he learns that the Lars and Sadie ship has sunk! Lastly, Sadie’s band broke up and now she’s writing music with her new partner.

Since Steven can’t handle the stress of this change, he goes Pink Steven and almost crushes everyone in a pink dome. Thankfully, his friends are able to calm him down by reminding him they’ll always be there no matter what. Even so, the whole experience makes Steven question what he really wants to be doing with his life, and whether his place is really at Little Homeschool.

Prickly Pair

Steven's Trying to make friends with plants because they never leave him. Change issues

In the following episode, we learn that Steven did end up deciding to leave Little Homeschool. However, he chooses to not deal with his obvious problems and isolates himself by taking up gardening. It seems fine at first, but when he says that his plants can never leave him, it’s clear he’s still got problems. Thus, when Steven accidentally brings a cactus to life as Cactus Steven. He then proceeds to vent all his frustations about life and the Crystal Gems to the cactus version. This backfires horribly when the plant goes berserk and wrecks the house, and then parrot everything Steven said to the actual Gems.

Steven ends up calming down Cactus Steven, but the damage’s already been done. All his insecurities laid bare before the Gems, and Steven doesn’t know how to deal with his biggest challenge: himself.

Steven’s Suffering From Too Much Change

Everyone’s thinking it, but I’m only saying it: Steven’s got issues he needs to work through. He’s coming to terms with the fact that he can be angry and selfish, he’s got leftover mother issues, and from the sounds of it, he’s got some deep-seated insecurities. Since he’s always defined himself by his need to help others, he’s never had to work on himself. As a result, when everyone’s moved on, he has no way to help himself.

As a young adult, I can sympathize with Steven’s fears about change. He’s at the point in life where people he’s known are moving on, and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. When I left high school, and eventually college, I went through a similar experience. However, I learned that the end to one chapter in my life could be the start of a brand new one.

If I could talk to Steven, here’s the best advice I could give him: first, talk out his problems with his friends and family. I’ve seen what happens when people bottle up their emotions, and it never ends well. Secondly, he should try and find himself, or what it means to be Steven. If necessary, he should leave Beach City and travel the Universe. That way, he’ll be able to help others and find the peace he clearly needs.

I don’t know if this is the last episode of Steven Universe Future, but I hope its not. We’ve come too far for the show to end on such a depressing note. Knowing Rebecca Sugar, though, I have a feeling that there will be a few more episodes coming in 2020. That’s something I’m looking forward to.

I Give “Little Graduation” and “Prickly Pair” a 4/5 each. Steven needs help.

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  1. I’m sorta getting where these final episodes are going but I’m not as invested as I was watching the first four Future episodes. I hope the last ones seal the deal for me.

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