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Rebecca, The Fox McCloud of Edens Zero

Edens Zero Chapter 76 Review/Recap

I hope that everyone who celebrates it had a Merry Christmas. To those who don’t, happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or simply Happy Holidays!

Rebecca’s already proven herself to be a fairly capable fighter. She’s resourceful, has great reflexes, and a good shot. However, she’s also got a lot of latent potential, and we see it on display in this chapter. It’s a good old fashioned dogfight as Rebecca fights the Element 4’s Sylph.


As Rebecca and Happy face down Sylph, she finds herself swarmed by dozens of drones locked onto her location. Fortunately, Rebecca goes Fox McCloud on them and takes them all out. Sylph, though, is a different story, as her Ether Gear lets her block any attempt Rebecca makes. Right when it looks like the pair are cornered, however, Rebecca’s Leaper Gear activates, letting her jet past the woman. As Witch and Hermit both note, Rebecca has the potential to become an Etherion Master.

Meanwhile, Sister continues to interrogate Joe’s subordinate, Maria. As it turns out, Maria’s a shapeshifting slime alien, who asserts that no one who fights Drakken Joe lives. As if echoing her words, Rebecca and Happy arrive on Belial Gore, only to be ambushed by Sylph. The Element 4 member then traps the two inside some sort of wind sphere.


Two things: firstly, I thought that this chapter reminded me a lot of rock space dogfights. It was like the great space duels of Star Wars, but Rebecca’s piloting skills remind me of Fox McCloud from Star Fox. I know the manga limits the ability to show the actions shown, so I hope if there’s ever an anime, they’ll expand on this.

More importantly, though, we confirm what I already though: Rebecca‘s got a lot of potential, which is awesome. I loved Lucy in Fairy Tail, but if she was the main heroine or viewpoint character, she needed to get stronger. Rebecca, though, could stand side by side with Shiki one day. That day won’t come, though, if they can’t escape from Sylph. Hope to see what happens next.

I give “Rebecca vs. Sylph” a 3/5

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  1. Another chapter leaked a week in advance. Crunchyroll released chapter 75 a week early. So I guess they decided to leak 76 early, too. Not complaining; just saying.
    I enjoyed this chapter, especially the way it sets up Rebecca. From what I’ve seen of “Fairy Tail;” Lucy is kind of just a fan service character with not much going on in the way of development. Rebecca, however…….she’s more like Elie from “Rave Master” in her future importance in the story.
    The Element 4 have been pretty cool thus far; Laguna was definitely formidable, Fie is turning out to be pretty cool, and Sylph…..well; I have my own little theory for her. And then that giant rock monster guy-he looks like he could provide a challenge. I can even see a scene where it’s Homura’s turn to fight and the problem is that she can’t break through his skin. And the challenge will be to break that. The order seems pretty blatant at this this point.

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