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Fire and Air of the Element 4

Edens Zero Chapter 75 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 75 Review/Recap

So I was told that Edens Zero would be off last week. Thus, I didn’t realize that there was a chapter that came out. My bad!

At any rate, last chapter saw Weisz defeat one of the Element 4, only to get shot by another member. With Weisz in critical condition and no way to get to the ship, what will Shiki do?


Before Fie can take another shot, Pino uses its programming to trace his shot. This let’s Shiki intercept his next shot and use his Ether Gear to send it back to him. However, they’re then engulfed in a smokescreen, courtesy of Old Sibir, who takes them back to his bar.

They stabilize Weisz, but the only way they’ll be able to save him is with Sister’s abilities. However, Sister’s busy interrogating a prisoner from Joe’s attack. Thus, she sends Rebecca to sneak onto the ship and give them an Ether Drink. No sooner does her ship launch, though, than the girl’s intercepted by another one of the Element 4, Sylph.


Well, I was expecting the fight against the Element 4 to go in sequential order. This was something that I wasn’t expecting; especially considering how this now feels a bit like Star Wars.

That said, though, I am looking forward to seeing how this dogfight will turn out. Rebecca’s a good pilot and even better shot. However, this Sylph girl’s Ether Gear will be a problem. I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

I Give “A Wind Blows Through the Sakura Cosmos” a 3.5/5. A slow, transitional chapter, but a good one.

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