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League of Villains Appears!

My Hero Academia, Season 4, Episode 10 Review/Recap

It’s just occurred to me that we haven’t seen the League of Villains since the Heroes raid started. Since the two groups formed an alliance, one would think they’d help defend the base. In this episode, though, the League of Villains makes its move at last!


As the heroes continue to break off to fight the Hassakai’s members, Midoriya’s group presses onward. In spite of Mimic using his drug-induced Quirk, the Yakuza fails to slow the heroes down. Reaching his limit, Mimic chooses to split the heroes up even further. This leaves them open to attack at the hands of League of Villains members Twice and Toga.

Several days prior, in order to cement their alliance, Overhaul asked Tomura to lend him Toga and Twice as temporary members. Even though the group holds a grudge against him for killing Magne and wounding Mr. Compress, Shigaraki agrees. His plan is to weaken Overhaul’s group from within so they may seize control of his drug. As a result, Toga and Twice decide to sabotage the Hassakai’s plans by goading Mimic into sending Deku and Eraserhead to another location.


Ironically, some of the more interesting characters in My Hero Academia have been the League of Villain characters like Twice and Toga. They remind us that underneath their immoral actions, these people are still human, and therefore capable of love and affection. We see it when Toga comforts Twice when he’s having a meltdown, and in their desire to avenge Magne. Heck, we can sort of see it in Toga’s obsession with Midoriya. It’s a twisted version of love, but it still shows them capable of doing so.

This episode does a good job in building up tension for what’s about to happen. In the next episode, we’re going to see LeMillion catch up with Overhaul and Eri. Given what we hear in the previews, though, there’s cause for concern about his safety. If the League of Villains plan works, then I think Deku and Eraserhead will end up next to LeMillion. Here’s hoping. GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRA!

I Give “Temp Squad” a 4/5

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