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A Day In the Life of the Roger Pirates

One Piece Chapter 966 Review/Recap

Ever since One Piece began, the life of Gol D. Roger and the Roger Pirates has been of high interest to fans. Despite learning more about them as time went on, it feels like we never saw them during their height. However, all that changes in the manga’s latest chapter as Oden Kozuki comes face to face with the future King of the Pirates. It’s as awesome as you’d expect!


Having met on the same island, Oden recklessly charges ahead to fight Roger, who swats him aside with no effort, shocking the samurai. What shocks Oden even more, though, is how Whitebeard and Roger clash without touching blades. The resulting battle between the Whitebeard and Roger Pirates lasts three days. After that, everyone settles down and proceeds to party.

Meanwhile, Roger learns that Oden can read the Poneglyphs and begs him to join the Roger Pirates for a year. He’s figured out that there’s a final island in the Grand Line that Log Poses can’t locate. The only way to reach it is through the Poneglyphs, and with that, Roger vows to become the King of the Pirates. Overwhelmed by Roger’s ambition, Oden agrees to join the Roger Pirates for their final voyage. Much to the irritation of Whitebeard. Together, the Roger Pirates travel to Skypiea, where Oden leaves behind the message that will one day be found by Robin and the Straw Hat Pirates.


I loved this chapter of the manga! We’ve gotten glimpses of what the Roger Pirates were like before, but nothing to this extent. We got to see how they operated as a crew and family, and learned more about their exploits. As it turns out, Roger already traveled most of the Grand Line years ago, stopping short of Raftel due to it being impossible to find without the Poneglyphs. That makes him all the more determined to reach it before he dies.

This chapter also marks the first time we ever see Roger and Whitebeard fight, and I think it’s just a small glimpse of what they can do. The shockwave from their clashing Haki created a small storm. What I enjoyed more, though, was seeing how the two crews could fight for days then party like nothing happened. It’s mutual respect and bromance at their finest.

Of all the chapters in this latest flashback, this is by far my favorite one yet. It gives us a rare glimpse into the lives of the legendary Roger Pirates, something fans have been wanting to see more of as time passes. Maybe one day, Oda will do a prequel/spin-off about them. Until then, though, we have to settle for gems like this.

I Give “Whitebeard and Roger” a 4.5/5

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  1. Oda might not have been messing around this time. We really ARE getting to the end if we’re getting this kind of information. It’s good because we can finally see how the story ends, but it’s upsetting because the story is getting ready to come to the end! It’s conflicting! As far as the chapter itself; it was great. We finally see a glimpse of how Roger fights! And it doesn’t seem like he has a Devil fruit; it’s like he’s such a bad@$$ with just Haki. Which is possible because Shanks is a thing.

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