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The Unbreakable Shield of Red Riot.

My Hero Academia, Season 4, Episode 9 Review/Recap

While Kirishima’s Quirk, Hardening, isn’t as flashy as Bakugo’s or Deku’s, it’s still a powerful ability. As we saw earlier in the season, as Red Riot, he becomes a living shield to protect others. In this week’s episode, his status as a shield’s put to the test.


With Suneater having taken out three of the Eight Bullets, he’s out of the fight. Thus, Mimic tries to weaken the heroes further by taking out Eraser-Head. Thankfully, Fat Gum’s able to take the blow, but at the cost of separating him and Red Riot from the others. The pair are thus set upon by two more members of the Eight Bullets, the Spear and Shield combo of Rappa and Tengai. To the heroes shock, Rappa breaks though Red Riot’s.

The resulting shock reminds Kirishima of his time in middle school. His Quirk was seen as weak by others, and he lacked the courage to help others. Meanwhile, his classmate Ashido was the opposite who everyone saw as a future hero. It’s not until he remembers the words of his role model, Crimson Riot, of how all heroes face fear. However, it’s the fear of letting someone die that spurs them to act anyway. With those in his mind, Red Riot holds his ground against Rappa. This gives Fat Gum enough time to play his trump card: by burning up his fat reserves, he can absorb the blows he takes and send them back at an enemy. Thus, the Shield becomes a spear that shatters Rappa and Tengai.


One of the hardest things about being a hero is dealing with the fear of death in battle. Not their deaths, per say, but the death of the people they swore to protect. But it’s that very fear that inspires the greatest of heroes to risk everything, and Kirishima faced it head-on. Like a true shield of justice.

I didn’t really care for Kirishima’s backstory, as it wasn’t that interesting to listen to. The thing I was most interested from his backstory, though, was the indirect mention of Deku. Apparently Bakugo’s encounter with that slime villain and Midoriya jumping in to save him was big news. While it makes for one heck of an origin story, here it serves as a sort of inspiration for Kirishima; I think.

I probably said it before, but I have the feeling that most of Class 1-A will end up being top-tier heroes. If Kirishima keeps training his Quirk, I think he’ll become a truly unbreakable shield. I can’t wait to see his progress. GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRA!

Red Riot before he became an unbreakable shield.

I Give “Red Riot” a 3.25/5

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