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Asuna Finally Appears!!

Sword Art Online: Alicization– War of Underworld Episode 34 Review/Recap

Ever since the actual war for Underworld began, I’ve spent weeks asking one question: when Asuna? After spending the majority of Alicization on the sidelines, Asuna decided to dive directly into Underworld and rescue her beloved Kirito. As we saw at the end of last week’s episode, I got my wish: Asuna’s in Underworld and ready to kick some ass. However, don’t expect much of “Lightning Flash” Asuna’s skill this episode.



Asuna and Alice clash over Kirito

After making her dramatic entrance last episode, Asuna gets her priorities straight: find Kirito and Alice. She doesn’t have to wait long, as a grateful Ronye and Tiese lead her to her boyfriend. However, this also leads her to meet Alice, who’s not happy to see a stranger near Kirito. 

Fortunately, Bernoulli arrives in time to talk Alice down. After a few more tense moments with Alice, Asuna gathers the leaders of the Knights and tells them the truth. How the real world created Underworld, the groups fighting for control over it, and Alice’s importance to everyone. Rather than flee with Asuna, though, Alice resolves to stay and defeat Vector. If he falls, the Dark Territory will stand down, and Underworld will be safe. Realizing that this is their best choice, Asuna agrees to help the world that Kirito risked everything to protect. Even if that includes RATH.


Aside from the brief duel Asuna and Alice, this episode has nothing in the way of action. The rest consists of talking and exposition. However, while I’ve criticized the show in the past for this, here I’m okay with it. I enjoyed it!

I have two reasons for my change of heart. First, I’m thrilled that Asuna’s finally back in action. As my favorite heroine, I’m frustrated with how little Asuna’s done since Aincrad. There was Mother’s Rosario and the movie, but that’s about it. With Kirito incapacitated, Asuna and Alice are mostly the main characters. 

Which brings me to my second point: the interactions between Asuna and Alice. I’ve noticed that the two a lot in common:

  • Both the strongest swordswomen in their respective worlds
  • Have strong-willed personalities
  • Are attracted to Kirito (don’t deny that Alice has feelings for him).

Their similarities and shared love of Kirito put Asuna and Alice at odds right away; to my amusement. Until now, Asuna got along great with the other girls Kirito’s friends with, so it’s refreshing to see her act so possessive about “her Kirito”. Seeing her and Alice verbally spar over who’s closer to the boy is comedy gold that had me chuckling. Then seeing Ronye butt in, followed by Liena (who’s back all of sudden) made it a sweet moment. Also, I’m pretty sure this makes eight girls who are into Kirito, or do I hear nine?

Asuna will not let anyone stand between Her and Kirito

With the return of one of the best characters on the show, the war for Underworld’s about to take on a new stage that will, hopefully, improve on the last. Asuna gets the chance to let loose at long last, and I bet her other friends are soon to join her. In other words, things are about to get good.

I Give “Stacia, Goddess of Creation” a 4.5/5

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Asuna owns all the girls.
I had to make this

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