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The Rise of the Kurozumi Snake, Orochi

The Roger Pirates in their prime.

One Piece Chapter 965 Review/Recap

Ever since Oda brought us to Wano, I’ve been asking one question: how did Orochi become Shogun? The obvious answer is through Kaido’s muscle, but we’ve seen how crafty he is by himself. I voiced my suspicions about how Orochi rose to power before: he murdered Oden’s father. However, it’s not until this chapter that I got the full picture. At last, we see not only Orochi’s rise, but the vendetta against the Shogun carried by his family, the Kurozumi Clan.

The Kurozumi Plot


Momonosuke Kozuki is born! Kurozumi Family Plot

Four years have passed since Oden left Wano with the Whitebeard Pirates. Needless to say, life’s been great for him: he’s seen so much of the world, he’s leader of one of Whitebeard’s divisions, and he’s wanted by the World Government. In addition, he and Toki have gotten closer, leading to Momonosuke and Hiyori being born. However, Oden can’t help but wonder how he’ll bring his world tour to an end.

Back in Wano, Sukiyaki Kozuki’s deathly ill, and doesn’t have long for this world. Until Oden can return, he appoints a regent to rule in his son’s absence: Orochi Kurozumi, who Sukiyaki says was like a brother to Oden.

The Scion of the Kurozumi Clan/The One Piece version of Scar.
He even looks like he can’t be trusted.

Lord Yasuie immediately realizes something’s up, especially when he learns that Orochi’s last name is Kurozumi. Years ago, the previous Shogun remained childless, leading the Daiymo to compete for the title. Orochi’s grandpa schemed to become Shogun using every means necessary, only for it to unravel with Sukiyaki’s birth. As a result, the Kurozumi head committed hara-kiri, and the family lost all their power and wealth. With the help of a mysterious woman who can change her face, Orochi’s clawed his way to the top. It’s the Kurozumi family’s revenge.

In the outside world, the Whitebeard Pirates approach an island whose wildlife’s running in terror. The reason’s made clear: the Roger Pirates are camped there, and Roger wants to have one last bout with Whitebeard.


At first I was going to say I had an iota or sympathy for Orochi’s backstory. He was born into poverty due to circumstances beyond his control. If Game of Thrones taught me anything, the idea of “sins of the father” is a drag. Then Emperor Carnage reminded me that the Kurozumi Clan brought this on themselves. So, screw the Kurozumi.

This chapter at least confirmed several of my suspicions about Orochi: he stole money from Yasuie and Oden. In addition, I’m all but certain he murdered Oden’s father. If Carnage is right, then he’s already dead.

Regarding the mysterious woman, we know at least one thing: she’s dead in the present day. Her possessing the Clone-Clone Fruit is proof of that. As to her identity, here’s my theory: she worked for Kaido to put the Kurozumi family power. That would explain Orochi’s alliance with the Beast Pirates, and why they control Wano. A true snake.

The Kurozumi Hag.
I Miss Bon Clay.

Overall, I liked this chapter, as it ties both halves of this flashback together. We got to see Wano’s fall to Orochi, and more of Oden’s adventures. Now we’re poised to see Oden finally join the Roger Pirates. If we’re lucky, we’ll see some more of the Roger Pirates final voyage. I, on the other hand, am asking if Toki and her kids went with their dad to Raftel.

The Roger Pirates in their prime.

I give “The Kurozumi Plot” a 4.5/5. Things are heating up.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning me! My theory on who this lady is is it’s just Orochi’s grandmother. But her having some connections to Kaido is interesting. It would honestly explain Kaido’s control over Wano since he didn’t help Orochi become Shogun. “Mammoth’s Base Opera Castle” thinks the flashback is going a bit fast. And recently; it can be seen. That said; any slower would probably get old.

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