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Santa, Jesus, and Randy Snort Christmas Snow in South Park Finale

South Park, Season 23, Episode 10, “Christmas Snow” Review

Since its inception, South Park’s been intrinsically tied to Christmas. In fact, if it weren’t for that video Christmas Card Matt and Trey made in college, South Park wouldn’t exist. Therefore, it feels appropriate to end its 23rd Season with a Christmas episode. However, don’t let the name “Christmas Snow” or the return of the official intro fool you. This finale’s about a different kind of Christmas snow.

Return of the Original Intro

Firstly, I felt surprised to see the normal South Park intro make its return. Given the season’s theme of faux spin-offs, I thought we wouldn’t see it again. At first glance, one would think this mean’s that Matt and Trey ran out of fake spin-off ideas. Thus, they went back to their usual routine. However, this proves to be a red herring, as once we get into the episode, we see why.

In an effort to curb car accidents, Santa has booze banned in South Park for the holidays. As a result, the grown-ups have no pick-me-up to get them through the stress of the holidays and become miserable. So they turn to another big guy in a red suit and a beard. And it’s someone I haven’t been a fan of this season: Randy Marsh.

Tegridy Weed Christmas Snow

Randy Marsh high on Christmas Snow
He looks like a psycho killer

I guess Matt and Trey couldn’t stay away from Tegridy Farms, even if not everyone liked it. They even take the time to reference the fact that some of the Tegridy Farms episodes weren’t that well-received. The moment of self-mocking passes, though, as Randy gets into the meat of the episode. Inspired by the snow falling on the ground, he and Towelie use their leftover weed to create what they call “Christmas Snow”.

The moment I saw the white stuff on the marijuana, I thought it was either mold or cocaine. Much to my amusement, it turned out to be the latter. While the Mayor freaks out since cocaine is very illegal (and dangerous), Randy nonchalantly fixes the problem. In what I can only assume is a jab at the efforts to legalize weed, Randy does a quick montage, comes back and says “Okay, coke is now legal”.

As hilarious as that scene was, I couldn’t help but feel a little disturbed at the implied undertones. Next to marijuana, cocaine is one of the most illegal drugs in the world, yet the people of South Park snort that Christmas Snow like there’s no tomorrow. At least the show reminds us of how bad coke is, so I think it evens out in the end.

Of course, none of this goes over well with Santa.

Santa Grinches the Coke

Maybe he’s genuinley trying to keep the people of South Park safe, or he’s mad at them running Mr. Hankey out last year. Either way, Santa refuses to let the grown ups get high on the road. Thus, in a reversal of the Dr. Seuss story, Santa Grinches everyone’s cocaine, leading Randy to chase him off a cliff.

What happens next is, in hindsight, one of the funniest things I’ve seen all season. Randy convinces Santa to try his Tegridy Christmas Snow, and the jolly man loves it. Then Jesus shows up and starts trying it as well. The trinity of South Park is sitting in the woods, snorting on that Christmas snow. As a result of loving it so much, they decide to share it with everyone. So, Jesus spreads the coke in the air as actual Christmas snow. It’s so weird and so funny. I think.

So That Happened.

To be honest, I didn’t think that this episode was that funny at first. However, after sleeping on it, I admit that the premise of “Christmas Snow” is pretty funny. I was just letting my dislike of Tegridy Farms get in the way of that. At the least, it beats the literal crap-show that was “Turd Burglars” which I refuse to discuss anymore.

That said, I honestly hope that next season, South Park puts its focus back on its original stars, the four boys of South Park. At the least, I hope that this is the last time we see Tegridy Farms. It’s a joke that’s run its course a thousand times over!

I Give “Christmas Snow” a 3.5/5. And that’s me being generous. Happy Holidays, South Park

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