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Arsenal vs. Laguna

Fie of the Element 4

Edens Zero Chapter 74 Review/Recap

So in the last chapter, we saw Laguna of the Element 4 use his power, Tears Lover, to capture most of Shiki’s group. However, Weisz was able to outsmart the man and avoid. Having seen all of his moves, Weisz transforms into Arsenal and prepares to do battle with the villain. He takes being a superhero very seriously.


Laguna quickly gets over his shock at the fact that Weisz managed to outwit him and goes on the defensive. Even with the power of the Arsenal suit, Weisz finds each of his attacks countered by Laguna’s water. As a result of the furious melee, Arsenal’s ether supply begins to rapidly deplete.

Weisz Gets Shot Edens Zero Chapter 74

Forced into a corner, Weisz reroutes power to the cooling system, which freezes the water solid. This gives him enough time to deliver a knockout blow, returning his friends to normal. However, before any of them can catch their breath, Weisz gets hit by a sniper round and collapses. The culprit is the second of the Element 4, Fie the flame sniper, and he has Shiki squarely in his sights.


In keeping with what I said in my last post, the JoJo is strong with this chapter. In other words, instead of the normal shonen formula, it felt more like a technical battle. Considering how Weisz isn’t as strong as Shiki, I think that’s for the best. Weisz uses his brains to win his fights, and that’s how he beat Laguna.

That said, I wasn’t expecting the next Element 4 member to be a sniper, let alone someone able to shoot from that distance. If there was ever a time for Rebecca and Happy to shine, then I think it’s going to be in the next few chapters. They’re marksman, so it makes sense to pit them against this Fie.

Fie of the Element 4

Regarding the fight itself, I think this is an example of something that would work better in anime format. The manga feels constricting for a fight between an Iron Man/Power Ranger mashup and an elemental. It was a good fight, but not as cool as I’d hope.

I Give “Weisz vs. Laguna” 3/5

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  1. It sucks that there’s a break next week, but it’s a needed one. I can’t remember the last time Edens Zero was on break(even though it’s the magazine that’s on break). I think that chapter was good, but I see what you mean by it being better suited to an anime format. Hopefully an anime adaptation will come about soon. Not so soon that they have to do a bunch of filler episodes, but soon.

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