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Steven Universe Future, Here We Are

Steven Universe Future Title

Steven Universe Future, Episodes 1-4 Review

If I had known how amazing Steven Universe would be, I’d have started watching it from the beginning. Although, I honestly have no regrets about being a late-comer to Steven Universe. However, what I do regret is it how long it took me to write about Steven Universe Future.

The show could have easily ended on “Battle of Heart and Mind” or Steven Universe: the Movie. Fans would have been happy; yet Rebecca Sugar and her team chose to go the extra mile. Thus with the start of Steven Universe Future, here I am, ready to review. Hope you enjoy!

“Little Homeschool”

Steven Universe Future Jasper

After the events of the movie, Steven and the Crystal Gems opened a school to help other Gems embrace their newfound freedom. Everyone thinks its a great idea, but there’s one problem: Jasper. She stubbornly chooses to live in the woods by herself and train, something that frustrates Steven so much that he finally snaps. As a result, the two engage in a short but furious fight straight out of a shonen anime.

As strange as it may sound, I actually took Jasper’s side in this argument. It may seem pointless to Steven for her to keep training when there are no more threats, but a warrior like Jasper knows better. Having seen plenty of shonen anime, I know she’s right when she says that there’s always someone to fight, hence why she trains. In other words, I think she’s acting like a mix of Piccolo and Vegeta from the Dragonball franchise.

Ironically, I think fighting her was the best thing Steven could have done to help Jasper. I saw the joy on her face when Steven decided to actually fight her. In addition, while she denies to him, I could tell that she was having fun fighting him, and she didn’t say no when he asked to come back and spar sometime. Hopefully, Jasper being the Piccolo to Steven’s Gohan can change her for the better.


Amethyst’s been running a program to help other Gems integrate into life on Earth, and it’s been going great so far. However, Steven’s upset to learn that everyone chose jobs similar to what they did on Homeworld. So he decides to meddle and give them jobs outside their comfort zones. It’s a complete disaster.

I understand Steven’s argument on how the Gems are falling back into their roles on Homeworld. And I agree that it’s important for the Gems to try new things and experiences. That said, I still saw the Gems job choices as a step up, for several reasons. Firstly, they’re not being forced to do this; they chose these jobs. Secondly, they’re good at what they do, and it makes them happy. Lastly, most of these Gems didn’t have the thousands of years that the Crystal Gems had to adjust to Earth life; doing what they’re familiar with helps them to adjust. By the end, Steven learns that he doesn’t always have to fix every problem he sees.

Rose Buds

Meme this

Once again, Steven has to deal with the uncomfortable legacy of his mother when he discovers that all of the Rose Quartzes have been un-bubbled. Not only do they look a lot like his Mom, they act a lot like her, too. As a result, things get super awkward for Steven and the Gems. Greg did the right thing in choosing to bail.

Over the series, we’ve learned that Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond was far from a saint. Yes, she could be incredibly kind, compassionate, and fun to be around, but she could also be manipulative, secretive, and even downright mean at times. Everyone still loves her, but they’re trying to move past her shadow and mistakes. So of course seeing these Gems that are modeled after Pink/Rose’s appearance and personality is awkward. While Steven does eventually make peace with the Roses, I think it would have been better for him to be honest.


Pink Diamond’s original Pearl makes her return after finally being freed back in “Diamond Days”. Now going by the nickname “Volleyball” she hopes Steven can help heal the crack in her eye. Unfortunately, Steven discovers that his healing powers don’t work on her, forcing him and Pearl to take her to the Reef, the place where all Pearls are created, to repair her. Their trip ends up forcing them to confront another uncomfortable part of Pink’s legacy when its revealed that Volleyball’s injury came at the hands of Pink. It was unintentional, but it doesn’t change the fact that Pink hurt Volleyball, and Volleyball’s refusal to deal with her feelings is hurting her psyche.

I already this before, but I’ll say it again: I already accepted that Steven’s Mom could a total jerk. However, I remind myself that Pink Diamond’s story is about someone who becomes a better person. Thus, I accept that she did just as much good as bad. Likewise, both Pearls accept that even though they care about Pink, they shouldn’t make excuses for her actions. As a result, the two fuse into Mega Pearl, a Fusion that’s a straight up tribute to Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Steven Universe Future is Bright

I don’t know how long Steven Universe Future will last, or if the story will continue in any form after it finishes. However, I’m not going to think about that. Instead, I want to simply enjoy the ride for as long as I can, and this premiere was a terrific way to start this final leg.

I Give Each Episode the Following:

Little Homeschool: 4.5/5

Guidance: 4/5

Rose Buds: 4/5

Volleyball: 4.5/5

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Stray Observations:

  • Everyone says that Connie pays tribute to that famous Lofi image. And they’re right
Lofi Connie

Photo Gallery

Oh, and Congratulations to Rebecca Sugar and Ian Quartey Jones for tying the knot. You two make an awesome couple!

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  1. I’m really impressed with SUF so far.I don’t necessarily agree with Jasper but at least Steven isn’t giving up on her. I still don’t know *who* Jasper thinks could attack. In fact, why did the Diamonds need armies in the first place? Who were they fighting? We know next to nothing about other intelligent life in the universe and it makes the Diamonds look worse because I’m assuming they’re invading other planets to colonize them.

    Yeah, this whole *peace in the universe* thing feels like a hand wave from the show creators than an actual accomplishment by Steven.

    • Think of it from the perspective of Vegeta and Piccolo, two loner warriors from Dragonball. They know that no matter how peaceful things get, there‚Äôs always going to be at least one jerk out there trying to ruin it, so they need to be ready.

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