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Enemy Stand: Tears Lover

Edens Zero Chapter 73 Review/Recap

Last chapter, Shiki and his group decide the only way to save themselves from Belial Goer is to take down Drakken Joe. However, before they can even come up with a plan, they’re ambushed by Laguna of the Element 4. He’s got this power to turn people into water when they cry, already doing so to Shiki. Honestly, his “Tears Lover” reminds of a Stand from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Tears Lover


With his Ether Gear, Laguna can manipulate water and turn people into water when they cry in front of him. Having already gotten Shiki, Laguna uses Tears Lover to turn Pino into water since Pino’s already crying. After stomping on Weisz’s foot with his stillettos, he tries to use every possible trick to get Homura to cry. When none of those work, he crushes an onion instead. As a result, Homura succumbs to the power of Tears Lover.

However, Laguna’s shocked to find that one of the group’s missing: Weisz. As a result of using his disguise app and own Ether Gear, Weisz was able to fool Laguna into thinking he got him. Thus, he watched Laguna use all of his tricks, and knows every move he can make. With Laguna’s tricks foiled, Weisz transforms into Arsenal and prepares to do battle.


As I said in the introduction, this chapter gave me some major JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure vibes. An enemy with the power to turn others into water by crying is the kind of bizarre ability you’d expect from that legendary manga. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but I didn’t mind. It’s fine to reference other works as long you try to make it your own.

While the power Tears Lover will probably seem lame in hindsight, at the moment, this is the toughest enemy Edens Zero’s faced. Laguna took out the two best fighters in the crew, but now Weisz stands poised to save the day. As a whole, though, I don’t think this chapter adds up to much; it’s merely buildup to a bigger fight to come.

I Give “Don’t Shed a Tear” a 3/5. More fighting.

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  1. I agree that this chapter was just a “set up” for the next. I have a theory that turning people into water might be something other than his Ether gear. His actual Ether gear might just be the power to manipulate water like when he made that sword. I say this because he didn’t have any sort of marking on his body when he turned them to liquid.
    Also; have you been keeping up with the “Hero’s” mini series? IT”S REALLY FRE@KIN’ GOOD! Like; it knows what it is, and it’s just putting it out there for everyone to see. Plus the character interactions, and the art work. Everything about it is just GREAT!

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