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The Priestess of Light

Sword Art Online: Alicization- War of Underworld Episode 32 Review/Recap

We viewers know that the true purpose of the war in Underworld’s to capture Alice. However, that fact remains unknown to the Integrity Knights, putting Alice in danger. All that changes in this episode, though, as Alice learns how important she is to the future of Underworld. As a result, she takes up the (fake) moniker the Dark Territory’s given her- the Priestess of Light.



As a result of expending most of her energy in that giant attack last episode, Alice comes close to passing out. She doesn’t get a chance to rest, though, as she’s attacked by Fugr, the chief of the Ogres. She easily dispatches him, but not before learning that “Vecta” is after her. In addition, she learns of what she’s called: the Priestess of Light.

The chief makes one last attempt to capture Alice…
Only to fail miserably

Realizing that Alice is their main target, Bercouli chooses to split the Human army in two. The bulk will remain behind to defend the ravine. A task force consisting of Alice, Bercouli, Ronye, Tiese, Kirito, and Renly will head into the Dark Territory and draw them away. Meanwhile, Dee Eye chooses to sacrifice 3,000 of the Orcs to create enough power to create a deadly spell of insects. Left with no choice, Eldrie sacrifices himself to draw the spell away from the others, leaving him to die in Alice’s arms. Outraged, Alice takes to the air and takes out Dee’s unit before proclaiming herself to be the Priestess of Light.


While the war may have started off slow, things finally seem to be getting interesting. Little by little, Alice is learning of why she’s so important, not only for Underworld, but to the real world. In addition, even if the title’s something Vecta/Gabriel made up, the moniker “Priestess of Light” sounds really cool.

While I enjoyed seeing Alice go full warrior on the Dark Territory, that wasn’t the big draw for me. What I liked most about this episode is how human the inhabitants of Underworld are; as in, they’re completely sentient AI. At the least, the AI are close enough to sentient that it becomes indistinguishable. We saw it in the Orc Chief as he watched his lover be sacrificed, and with Eldrie’s sacrifice. In other words, there’s nothing that separates them from someone in the real world.

Enough philosophical talk, though. While War of Underworld may have started off slow, I think it’s getting progressively better. This episode seemed to drive that home for me, as I want to see more like it; more action! Hopefully, next week’s episode will give us just that.

I Give “Blood and Life” a 4/5

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  1. Not the biggest SAO fan. I watch it whenever the dub comes on Toonami. And whenever I want to watch it on Netflix; my brothers are in the middle of it. I’m also subbed to “Mother’s Basement” on Youtube, who HATES the show. It didn’t even hit with me when it first aired. Don’t really care for Kirito, and my “favorite” arc is the Elfheim Online arc. But I like the way you talk about it.

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