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The Other Monster Love Characters

Monster Love Character Analysis, Part 3- Everyone Else

I’ve made my love for Daron Nefcy’s show, Star vs The Forces of Evil, very obvious on this blog. However, as much as I love the show, it bums me out how some of the supporting cast eventually fell by the wayside. Which is why I’m a fan of The Wandering Hippie’s fan fiction series, Monster Love. He not only manages to keep several secondary characters involved, but even has time to throw in his own creations. Not to mention that his series is filled with references and cameos from pop culture.

In order to wrap up my character analysis of the Monster Love series, this post will take a look at Hippie’s versions of the supporting cast and his original characters. I’ll try and cover most of them, but some will get more focus than others due to the changes to characters.

Supporting Cast

Alfonso and Fergurson

Daron Nefcy may not have found a good way to use Marco’s two guy friends, but I think Hippie was able to. Firstly, he gave Alfonso and Fergurson actual personalities. In Monster Love, Fergurson’s close friends with Janna, due to them sharing an interest in magic and a penchant for mischief. Alfonso’s shown himself to be tech-savvy and capable, something that’s come in handy every now and then. In addition, Hippie made it so the two aren’t dead weight for Star and Marco. As a result, the two participate more in some of Star’s adventures without getting too much in the way.


While she has yet to make any impact on the story in the present day, Eclipsa has a big impact on the story as a whole. Without spoiling too much, let’s just say that here, her monster love was a jerk. Like in the show, she’s trapped in crystal by Rhombulus, only this time its due to the manipulation of the Shadow Clause. Thankfully, the MHC doesn’t persecute her once she’s eventually freed, realizing they were all played by the Shadow Clause. Instead, they put her on probation. Other than that, Eclipsa’s perfect the way she is.


Despite only making two appearances in the show, this girl keeps appearing in fan fiction for some reason. Thankfully, Hippie takes her obnoxious personality and gives it an upgrade. While she still doesn’t get along with Marco at first, in Monster Love she soon warms up to him and even befriends Star. I’d go so far to say that Higgs’ become a part of Star’s circle of friends and a valuable ally. Considering everything that Hippie has in the pipeline, this is probably a good thing, too.


Still the bane of authority figures everywhere, Hippie only had to make some subtle changes to Janna’s character. Already an established friend of Marco, she doesn’t tease him nearly as much as she does in the show. Despite maintaining her love of causing trouble, Janna proves to be one of Star and Marco’s most loyal friends, and is quick to help either of them out. Considering how she’s learning how to use actual magic, something tells me that she’ll remain a powerful ally to Star as the story progresses.

Also, she has the ability to break the fourth wall and talk to the author, to his annoyance.

Jackie Lynn Thomas

Still the cool skater girl of Echo Creek Academy and the object of Marco’s affections, Hippie went out of his way to include Jackie more in the story. To help with this, he made a few changes to Jackie. Firstly, not only is she aware of Marco’s crush on her, but she’s the one who approaches him about it. However, Jackie later admits that she made that leap because she saw how close Star was with Marco. She thought that if she didn’t make her move when she did, she’d lose her chance altogether.

One of the hangups I have about the show is how it never addressed how Jackie reacted to Star’s crush on Marco. That would have made for a great character arc, and the show just wasted it. Hippie, on the other hand, dives right into this. I even give him extra points for having her handle this while staying in line with her character. Furthermore, Jackie continues to be a part of the story.

Magical High Commission

Of all the characters in the show, the MHC are the ones who needed an overhaul the most. First and foremost, Hippie rewrites them so that they’re no longer as opposed to monsters as they were in the show. On a more subtler note, Hippie changes their personalities so that they acknowledge that they’re not perfect and can screw up. Case in point, they’re as surprised about the existence of the Shadow Clause as Moon. As a result, they all agree to back Moon in Moon and Monsters.

Hekapoo befriends Moon when she’s still a teenager, and even sneaks out with her to party with monsters. Even more incredible, she actually starts dating a monster girl! It’s a far cry from her stance in the show, but not an unwelcome change.

Omnitraxus more or less remains the same as he was in the show. However, for some reason he has the power to see past the fourth wall and hang out with the author.

Lekmet also remains the same as in the show, only he never actively fights in the rebellion.

Rhombulus actually gets the biggest change in personality. He’s nowhere near as vocal about hating monsters or Eclipsa. In fact, when it’s revealed that the Shadow Clause was behind her imprisonment, he seems to feel remorse for it, and actively tries to make up for it.

Oskar Greason

In the show, Oskar was a one dimensional character created to serve as Star’s initial love interest. Hippie went to town and gave him an actual personality; and a brain. Serving as the laid-back member of Marco’s circle of friends, he’s quick to accept Star into their group. He’s essentially the friend that people can talk to when they have problems, and can even provide some insightful remarks at times.

In addition, Oskar also comes into ownership of Floyd, a giant bird of paradise accidentally created by Star’s magic. The group uses Floyd as a mode of transportation and ally in combat. Which I personally think is awesome.

Tom Lucitor

In the Monster Love timeline, Tom’s one of Star’s oldest friends and cares deeply about her safety. In fact, his main reason for dating her was to protect her from bullies. However, this led to him become very controlling of her. While I won’t say why exactly they broke up, I will say that the fallout left scars on both of them.

I feel like Hippie was trying to bring attention to the fact that some fans can’t forgive Tom for his early actions in the show. That said, he ends up rewriting Tom’s character so that he acknowledges his mistakes sooner than he did in the show. Thanks to the aid of Marco and Jackie, Tom slowly learns to control his anger and make amends with Star. While Star’s initially weary of him, the two do eventually start to mend their friendship. Say what you will, but I don’t hold a grudge against him, either in the show or in Monster Love.

Original Characters


First introduced as a minor character in Moon and Monsters, Mavis is Moon’s snobbish cousin who thinks she’s better suited to be Queen. After Moon’s rebellion succeeds, she chooses to go into hiding and wage a decades long guerrilla war against Moon’s new regime. By the start of Monster Princess, she leads a small band of rebels to Earth in order to seize the Butterfly Wand. Her ultimate goal is to overthrow Moon and return Mewni to it’s monster-hating ways.

Mavis’ essentially the Monster Love version of Ludo, albeit one that’s much more dangerous. Unlike Ludo, Mavis is a skilled combatant who can go toe to toe with Star and Marco. More importantly, she’s a much more capable leader who genuinely cares for the well-being of her followers. This makes her all the more dangerous in the long run, especially once Monster Princess reaches its equivalent of Season Two. Now she has her own wand, and in a page from the book of Daenaerys Targaryen, she has a dragon. I am not joking, she has an actual dragon! While she and Star have yet to meet again, it’s clear she’s going to be a huge threat.


One of Mavis’ two lieutenants, Dumronix is a tough old soldier and a veteran of Mewni’s Civil War. Like many of his comrades, he chose to wage guerrilla war against Moon’s rule, helping Mavis lead the insurgency. With his massive size and decades of experience, Dumronix is one of the few in Mavis’ group that can not only go toe to toe with Star and Marco, but even overpower them.

Despite being comparable to The Mountain, Dumronix is not a simple brute. He’s a capable leader in his own right, and shows genuine care for his comrades. In addition, he also develops a begrudging respect for Marco as a warrior. As a whole, I think he’s a good person; he just ended up on the wrong side of a war that, for him, never stopped.

Helsinki Greyjoy

One of my favorite original character’s, Helsinki Greyjoy is Moon’s tomboyish cousin/soul sister. A mechanical genius and inventor, Helsinki was one of the first people to join Moon in her rebellion, putting her skills to work helping the rebellion win the war. By the time of Monster Princess, Helsinki’s Mewni’s chief engineer, helping to pioneer all sorts of new inventions.

I like Helsinki so much because she reminds me a lot of Bulma from the Dragon Ball franchise. Both are feisty women with tomboy tendencies and geniuses. I go so far as to imagine Helsinki voiced by Monica Rial.

Selene Dragon

The second of Mavis’ two lieutenants, Selene’s described as looking like a prepubescent version of Higgs; despite the fact that she’s actually 22. Born the daughter of a Noble family, Mewni’s Civil War saw most of her family wiped out by a band of rogue monsters. As a result, Selene’s Mom left her at an orphanage in the hopes of giving her a better life.

The first chance Selene got, she left the orphanage and sought out Mavis, who took her and trained/raised her. Armed with her twin trench knives and lightning speed, Selene’s a deadly assassin able to keep up with Star and Marco. The latter of the two she holds a grudge against for beating her several times.

Despite how vicious she may act, I can tell that Selene’s not a bad person; she just wants to find her mom. If Mavis were to get the Butterfly Wand, she could use the All-Seeing Eye spell to find her mother. However, when Monster Princess’ version of Season One ends with Mavis’ hideout destroyed, Selene runs off on her own. No one knows where she is, but I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of her.

The Shadow Clause

The main antagonists of A Tale of Moon and Monsters, this shadowy group’s existed since Mewni’s founding. I believe they were founded with the purpose of protecting Mewni from the shadows. As time passed, though, they became corrupt and power-hungry, and sought to control Mewni at the expense of its people, Mewmans and Monsters alike. Ultimately, though, they meet their match in the form of Moon and Toffee, who proceed to free Mewni from their tyranny. However, their dark legacy lives on in those who oppose Moon’s rule.

Most of the Shadow Clause members seen are the typical villains you’d find in a secret organization. I can’t even remember most of their names. The only ones that need to be remembered are Etheria and Mildrew. Etheria is Moon’s Aunt and has been consistently portrayed in fanfics as a very unpleasant Mewman, so she’s the leader of the Shadow Clause. Mildrew’s that prettyboy that tried courting Moon in the show, but lost to River. Here he’s a ruthless warrior who commits several atrocities to defeat Moon. Like I said, typical “evil organization” villains, not that that’s a bad thing.

The Wandering Hippie

If Daron Nefcy can take part in her own creation as Starfan13, then so can the Wandering Hippie. Starting from Star the Monster Princess, Hippie alternates between being the storyteller and being an actual character in his story. In the story itself, Hippie takes the place of Brian as Tom’s anger management counselor. That doesn’t seem to last long, though, as Tom starts working out his anger issues.

Most of the time, Hippie can be found in the Author’s Comments and notes at the beginning of each chapter where he talks about the story. Oftentimes, he’s assisted in doing this by Omnitraxus, Janna, and for some reason, the French Narrator from Spongebob. It’s part of what makes the story so fun, though.

This Concludes the Monster Love Posts

Well, that’s every that I could possibly want to say about Hippie’s Monster Love stories. I know I missed a lot of characters, both canon and original, but I don’t want to take up anymore of your time. If you’re still reading this, then I have a little surprise for you. I found this great artist on Instagram called Andychipss who does fan-art comissions for shows like Star. Click here to see her work, and message her if you want something done. She made this great piece from my favorite Star fan fic, Light of the Sun and Stars:

And click here to go to Hippie’s Page on From there, you can find all his stories in the Monster Love series.

Click here to see my other animation stuff.

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