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Magical Girls Save the Day

My Hero Academia-Getting Pumped Up

My Hero Academia, Season 4, Episode 7 Review/Recap

Ever since Midoriya and Togata learned that Overhaul’s using Eri to create Quirk-destroying drugs, they’ve been wracked with guilt. I don’t blame them, though: I would be mad, as well. Unfortunately, they can’t do anything until they learn where Overhaul’s keeping her. While this episode sees them deal with these feelings, Nighteye gets an unexpected break thanks to an unlikely source: magical girls.


The work study students return to school with instructions to not talk about the case to anyone. This leaves Midoriya feeling frustrated at his inability to do anything. Thankfully, a friendly talk with Shoto and Iida helps him get his act together. Soon afterward, the five students get the call in: they found where Eri is.

By chance, Eri’s babysitter went out to buy her a magical girl toy at the same store Nighteye was shopping. Realizing something’s up, Nighteye used his Quirk and confirmed that Eri was at Overhaul’s HQ. Now armed with everything they need, the heroes mobilize to capture Overhaul and rescue Eri. Since they’re still doing work studies under the heroes taking part, the UA students are allowed to join in the assault.

Despite trying to keep things a secret, the Shie Hassakai learns of their assault. As a result, they hit back with their elite fighters, the Eight Bullets.


As a fellow geek, it fills my heart with pride to see geek culture becoming so prominent. We’ve already established that Sir Nighteye’s a major geek , but the fact that he was able to figure that guy was Overhaul’s underling the way he did? As for those who think its weird that a grown man likes magical girl anime, it seems normal to me. Look at me: I like Star vs, and that’s a kids show.

That said, this episode was, for all intents and purposes, a cooldown episode. It helps the show redraw its focus in time for the non-stop action we’ll be getting starting next week. While boring at times, it helps build up the hype for the upcoming action. It’s going to be epic seeing the raid in full force next week! Go beyond, Plus Ultra!

I Give “GO!!” a 3.5/5.

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