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Happy Stump Day

Star vs. The Forces of Evil Holiday Special Review- Stump Day

I know I said I wasn’t going to be doing this 25 days of Christmas thing this year. However, Star vs the Forces of Evil came out on Disney+, and its the first day of December. In other words, I couldn’t resist. So, here’s my review of the first half of the Star vs. Christmas Special, “Stump Day.”

All Hail Stump Day

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Mewni, Stump Day. When the first Mewmans found their way to Mewni, they were struck by a terrible winter storm. In order to survive they had to huddle behind a giant tree stump and forge bonds of friendship. ThentheylearnedmagicandusedittobeatuptheMonsters, the end!

To honor that memory, every year the Mewmans honor the Stump, or else. However, Stump Day’s not just Star’s favorite holiday, it also happens to be her birthday!

It may just be me, but the fact that Star’s birthday falls on Stump Day seems like a continuity wrinkle. Wouldn’t that mean the Wand Ceremony in the first episode should have had snow and holiday decorations or what not? Or did they move it to a different day to honor the Stump?

Unwelcome Birthday Party

Not realizing how important Stump Day is, and wanting to surprise his best friend, Marco throws a surprise party for Star that very night. This causes Star to freak out and try to destroy her own party. She never celebrates her birthday on her actual birthday out of respect/fear of the Stump.

Everything goes downhill from there. Marco and Tom start fighting when Marco calls him a bad boyfriend, then everyone’s yelling at each other and Janna throws the Stump in the fireplace. As a result of everyone’s actions, they anger the real Stump, and it tries to kill everyone present.

Personally, I found it a little ironic that no one believed the Stump was real aside from Star. Everyone present comes from other dimensions and sees magic on a regular basis. Given everything they’ve seen, is a giant, ax-crazy Mewman version of Santa hard to believe? In the end, it doesn’t matter, though: Stump Day comes to an end before the Stump can kill them all, and everyone comes together to celebrate Star’s birthday. The end.

Stump Day with Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Can we talk about how adorable those onesie PJ’s are?

Don’t Trust the Stump

I’ve seen several fanfictions re-use the concept of Stump Day since this episode, and a lot of them don’t paint the Stump in a good light. My personal favorite, though, is MoringMark’s story involving the Stump in his webcomic Echo Creek. Long story short, Mariposa and Meteora fight the Stump, and it reveals that it caused the storm that led to it being worshipped. It was revenge for them cutting down its tree.

Basically, I see the Stump as an axe-crazy hunk of wood that’s not to be trusted. However, it’s also the same kind of crazy you’d expect from a show like Star vs. The Forces of Evil. I know the chances of the story being continued anytime soon are low, but at least we get some great fanworks out of it.

This should be the part where I insert some cheesy Aesop about the importance of coming together for the holidays and/or possible death, but I got nothing. All I can say is that that rotting piece of bark is not to be trusted! Happy holidays, everyone!

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