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MonthDecember 2019

Lemillion’s Heroic Power

After several episodes of waiting, Lemillion manages to catch up to Overhaul and retrieve Eri. But can he beat him on his own? And I don’t care what IGN says, the fight’s not “a letdown”.

Rebecca, The Fox McCloud of Edens Zero

Rebecca’s already proven herself to be a fairly capable fighter. She’s resourceful, has great reflexes, and a good shot. However, she’s also got a lot of latent potential, and we see it on display in this chapter. It’s a good old fashioned dogfight as Rebecca fights the Element 4’s Sylph.

A Day In the Life of the Roger Pirates

Even though we’ve learned more about them as the manga’s progressed, we’ve never really gotten a long look at the Roger Pirates. Until now, that is! In this chapter, Oden comes face to face with Gol D. Roger himself, and gets inspired to go on his greatest adventure ever.

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