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Old Western Stand-Off, Star Wars Style

Star Wars, The Mandalorian, Episode 4 Review

Chris Adams; Clint Eastwood; and Samurai Jack. What do these disparate people have in common? They’re all lone warriors who chose to help save a small frontier settlement from bandits. They face down overwhelming odds, yet manage to come out on top in the end. Since the legacy of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood is strong with The Mandalorian, this week’s episode follows that tradition. We got an Old Western stand-off, Star Wars style!

Baby Yoda, Muppet Star

After risking his neck for Baby Yoda last episode, Mando needs to find a place where the child can live in peace. However, his choice of a backwater world, Sorgan, has its own problems. There’s a group of raiders harassing village of krill farmers. While he doesn’t want to do it at first, Mando agrees to help them out in exchange for taking the kid in.

Did I mention that Baby Yoda’s getting even cuter, because he is. That adorable little creature’s won the hearts of millions with his looks and how fond he is of his unwitting guardian. The kids on Sorgan fawn over him. It’s ironic without trying to be: fans have been scrambling to demand Baby Yoda merch, and for once, Disney’s caught off guard. However, their initial releases prove to be bad.

Cuteness aside, Baby Yoda’s proven to be a good partner for the Mandalorian. He helps bring out the warrior’s protective side, and I think it’s gotten to the point where he can communicate without say a thing. When his caretaker’s in a brawl outside a tavern, he’s just standing there, nonchalantly eating his stew.

It’s like he’s saying “sup?”

Possible Partners

Speaking of the brawl, this episode saw the introduction of an awesome female character who may or may not be the Mandalorian’s future partner/love interest. Her name’s Cara Dune, ex-shock trooper for the Rebel Alliance. Now she’s working as a mercenary while trying to find a place to settle down to. She’s almost as good as the Mandalorian in a fight.

On a more intimate level, the Mandalorian gets a more solid love interest in one of the villagers, Omera. She’s a young, widowed mother whose surprisingly good with a blaster. Unlike Cara, though, Omera manages to get the bounty hunter to open up a little, and we learn more about his past. He’s never taken his helmet off in front of others since he was a child, for that would mean never putting it on again. For a moment, though, he considers taking off his armor and living out his life on Sorgan with Baby Yoda and Omera.

Western Stand-Off in the Dark

Fate, however, has other plans in store. It’s discovered that the raiders have an AT-ST on their side, something the villagers can’t hope to match. As a result, Mando and Cara teach them how to fight and have them erect barricades. Their ultimate plan is to lure the AT-ST into a giant pit and trap it there. Thus begins an old western stand-off.

I think that the fights in the show have been great so far. However, this was the first one I had a problem with: it was too dark to see. I started getting flashbacks to “The Long Night” from Game of Thrones, and I didn’t like that. I understand that having a stand-off at night helps with drama, but there needs to be a balance to it. Other than that, though, the fight was superb.

Sadly, Sorgan won’t be the place where Baby Yoda can live in peace. The morning after the battle, a bounty hunter almost kills the child before Cara takes him out. As a result, Mando and Baby Yoda have to move on. It’s a standard trope in old west films: the lone gunslinger moves on with the fight over. It’s sad, but it has to be done.

Nice Standalone Adventure

This may be my favorite episode of the show yet. We finally learned why the Mandalorian never takes off his helmet, he gets a chance at happiness, and Baby Yoda remains cute as ever. In other words, it’s everything the fans wanted. While the fight could have been more visible, I left satisfied with what I saw. I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

I Give “Chapter 4: Sanctuary” a 4.5/5. Best episode yet.

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  1. A Lothal-cat! That’s where I remember it from! Nice!

    I hope Cara and Mando don’t become romantically involved. I’m tired of series where the main male character hooks up with every pretty girl within a 10 foot radius.

    Man, Disney really dropped the ball on the merch. Seems like not one person in their marketing department predicted Baby Yoda’s popularity. I’m sure their bodies are buried where no one will ever find them.

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