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Oden Kozuki’s Grand Adventure

One Piece, Chapter 964 Review/Recap

After weeks of seeing Oden romp around the confines of Wano, I started getting bored with One Piece’s latest flashback. All that changed, though, when the Whitebeard Pirates washed up on Kuri Beach. Not only did Oden clash blades with Whitebeard, but he had the guts to flat out ask him to let him join his crew. Oden Kozuki’s grand adventure is about to begin!


Despite showing he can handle himself in a fight, Whitebeard refuses to let Oden join his crew. He still remembers how unruly the Rock Pirates, and never wants that to happen again. However, Oden refuses to take no for an answer. So when the Whitebeard Pirates try to sneak out at night a few weeks later, he grabs onto the Moby Dick and refuses to let go, even when Izo tries to drag him back. So Whitebeard makes a promise to Oden, if he can hold on for three days, then he’ll let him join.

Sure enough, Oden manages to hold on, despite being at the ocean’s mercy. However, when he only has a few minutes left, Oden lets go, hearing a woman asking for help. That woman is Toki Amatsuki, whose dream is to travel to Wano, to Oden’s disgust. In the end, Whitebeard decides to let Oden join him anyway on their grand adventure. In addition, Izo and Toki join, along with Inu and Neko, who snuck on board to stop Oden.

Thus, Oden Kozuki’s grand adventure begins, and he spends the entire time with the Whitebeard Pirates acting like a kid in a candy store. As the crew’s fame grows, Oden begins to attract attention from others, including a man by the name of Gold Roger.

With this new design, Roger now looks like Ace but with a mustache


Now this is more like it! After being focused on a single country such as Wano for so long, I almost forgot how amazing the world of One Piece truly is. Oden seems to share that sentiment, going on in his journal about how amazing the world is. I’m sure Oden and Luffy would have loved each other.

Toki the future wife of Oden Kozuki

This is also the first time that we see Oden’s future wife, the time-traveler Toki. She’s the spitting image of Hiyori, both in looks and personality. Why she wants to travel to Wano, though, is beyond me.

Overall, I found this chapter to be hilarious, and helped to pull focus back on why Oden wants to open Wano to the world. Orochi would have them believe the world’s dangerous, and it is. However, it’s also filled with so many wonderful things and people. With Oden’s grand adventure underway, I can’t wait for the next chapter where he meets Gold Roger.

I Give “Oden’s Adventure” a 4.5/5. Also, this face is now a mood.

I had to put this on Intstagram

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  1. Did you catch the part about Toki being from the Void Century? We probably won’t get much follow up on that part(knowing how Oda is with the mysteries in his series), but it’s just something good to know.

  2. I love how we’ve gotten to the point in the series where we can show the strongest pirates being funny or humanized without taking away from their grandeur.

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