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The Element 4

Edens Zero, Chapter 72 Review/Recap

One of the trademarks of Hiro Mashima’s work is his tendency to reuse the things he likes. Whether its a character design, a name, or concept, if he likes it, he’ll reuse it. The reason I’m discussing this is because the latest chapter of Edens Zero brings a certain group from Fairy Tail: the Element 4.


Having lost the chance to capture the Edens Zero, Drakken Joe shifts his focus onto Shiki’s group. First, he reveals what Shiki’s team looks like to everyone in Belial Goer, and commands the people capture them alive. In addition, he tells everyone that the person who brings the team to him will have all their debt erased. As a result, Shiki’s team has to go on the run from everyone.

After catching a break, the group decides that the best thing to do is to confront Joe directly. Using an app Weisz designed to disguise themselves, the quartet plan to meet with Joe and take him out. However, before they can put their plan into action, they’re ambushed by one of the Element 4. Calling himself the Spirit of Water, Laguna, he uses his ether gear to turn Shiki into water. As everyone stands in shock, Laguna vows to make the group cry.


I remember the Element 4 from their incarnation in Fairy Tail, and they were a tough group to beat. Unfortunately for them, they’re the kind of mooks who are eventually forgotten as the heroes face stronger foes. The sole exception to this is Juvia, who Laguna serves as a counterpart to. She joined Fairy Tail as a main supporting character, and was one of my favorite members of the cast.

However, I think this Laguna of Joe’s Element 4 may be even stronger than Juvia. She could turn herself into water, but I don’t remember being able to do the same to others. I took that as a sign that the new Element 4 will be stronger than the ones in Fairy Tail.

With Shiki out of commission, Pino, Weisz, and Homura are at a serious disadvantage; and I’m fine with that. I’ve kept saying that a lot of the fights in Edens Zero seem a little two one-sided. A good shonen manga has the heroes face progressively stronger enemies so that they themselves become stronger. It makes me hopeful that Joe and the Element 4 will make the Edens Zero crew stronger before this is out. In addition, I think Laguna’s introduction was pretty good.

I Give “The Element 4” a 3.75/5. Good Setup for the conflict.

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  1. Honestly speaking…..the fights have been a little one sided. I mean; Shiki kind of struggled fighting Kureani’s robot, but he overcame it easily. Even Homura’s fight against the fake Valkyrie was…..”meh” upon second reading. My hope is that one of the Element 4 becomes Shiki’s rival(more like a Deku/ Kacchan rivalry). I was hoping it would be Jinn from the Rogue Out’s but……..look where THAT went.

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