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Thankful for Thanksgiving

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Top 5 Favorite Thanksgiving Day Specials

I don’t understand why, but I’ve never been that big a fan of Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because of the fact that I don’t like the food; it’s true. I don’t like stuffing, gravy, or mashed potatoes. However, I still appreciate what Thanksgiving means. It’s about being able to spend time with family and think about what we’re blessed to have. Still, I’ve spent 2019 doing something for several big holidays, and I won’t stop with Thanksgiving. So without further ado, here are my top 5 favorite Thanksgiving Day Specials!

#5- Talking Turkey, CatDog

Talking Turkey on Thanksgiving with Catdog

Few people in Nearburg love Thanksgiving as much as CatDog, though they each love it for different reasons. Dog’s simply thankful for everything he has in life, while Cat only wants turkey. However, when the only turkey in Nearburg comes seeking refuge from the holiday, the two have to work together to help him escape to freedom.

I only saw this special a few times on TV, and I didn’t find it until years later with streaming. As far as what it brings to the table, I think this special’s pretty average. While it’s subtle, though, there is a message about the importance of family. It’s just hidden underneath the slapstick of Tom Kenny and Jim Cummings.

#4- Garfield’s Thanksgiving, Garfield

Garfield's Thanksgiving

Given how much Garfield loves Thanksgiving, one would think Thanksgiving’s his favorite holiday. However, this holiday special sees Garfield put on a diet on the day before Thanksgiving. As a result, Garfield has to find a way to dodge his diet, or else make sure no one enjoys the holiday.

I was a big fan of Garfield growing up, and I especially enjoyed the old show, Garfield and Friends. So I naturally had to include the fat cat’s Thanksgiving day special on my list. The only reason it’s not higher on the list is due to my in credulousness at the fact that Garfield’s vet, Liz, put him on a diet right before a holiday involving eating. I get that she has to watch out for his health, but the woman had the worst possible timing! Good thing Garfield got out of the diet in the end.

#3- Helen Keller, The Musical!, South Park

Helen Keller, the Musical! A South Park Thanksgiving Day Special

In this Season Four episode of South Park, the kids are putting on their annual Thanksgiving Day play on Helen Keller. In an effort to one-up the kindergartners play, Cartman adapts the play into a Broadway musical, complete with a pet turkey jumping through a ring of fire. However, when lead Timmy chooses a disabled turkey named Gobbles, Cartman’s forced to take drastic measures to save the show. Oh, and Kenny dies.

South Park has had its fair share of Thanksgiving Day specials over the years, but I think that this one is my personal favorite. I honestly thought that the bond between Timmy and Gobbles the turkey was heartwarming to watch. Moreover, despite Cartman’s objections, I think using a disabled turkey was appropriate given it’s about Helen Keller. My favorite part, though, is the ending, where it’s revealed the kindergartners play was a lame, one minute act. Never trust Butters as a source of information.

#2- A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Peanuts

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Taking the number two spot on my list is a special that needs no introductions, because almost everyone in America knows the name Charlie Brown. Right when Charlie Brown and Sally are going to their Grandmother’s Thanksgiving day dinner, Peppermint Patty invites herself, Sally, and Franklin over. As a result, Charlie Brown has to cook an impromptu dinner, with the help of Snoopy and Woodstock.

Like almost every other Peanuts special, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” is a holiday classic. It follows much of the same formula as many of the other Charlie Brown specials. Charlie Brown faces a problem, his wishy-washy nature exacerbates the problem, then he solves the problem. We’ve seen it a thousand times, yet it never gets old. It helps that we had the dynamic duo of Snoopy and Woodstock to provide their brand of silent comedy.

As good as “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” is, though, it’s not my favorite Thanksgiving special. That honor goes to another

#1- The Thanksgiving Episode, Regular Show

Taking the top spot is one of my all time favorite cartoons, Regular Show with their Thanksgiving Day special. After accidentally destroying all the food for their Thanksgiving dinner, Mordecai and Rigby scramble to make things right and get that precious turkey. While everyone else is trying to pick up their families or get more food, the duo enter a singing contest with the prize being a naturally born Turducken. However, they find themselves competing against the likes of billionaire Rich Buckner for the prize

There are a few reasons why this takes my top pick for my favorite Thanksgiving day episode. Firstly, I enjoyed the fact that Richard Buckner was a humorous parody of Donald Trump, complete with his hair. Secondly is the song that Mordecai and Rigby sing in the contest, “What are You Thankful For?” Not only is the song super catchy, but provides a genuinely heartfelt message about the meaning of the holiday: spending time with loved ones. For that reason, I name it my all-time favorite Thanksgiving Day Special.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Let me know in the comments below! And be sure to check back this Saturday, as I have news about my plans for December!

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Click here to see my other animation stuff.

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