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That Is the Mando Way

Star Wars, The Mandalorian, Episode 3 Review

If there’s one thing newcomers to Star Wars need to know about the Mandalorians, it’s that they’re a warrior people. They’re some of the few people who could fight a Jedi and win! As a result of their warrior nature, they’re very loyal to each other; it’s the Mando Way. In this episode, we see the Mando Way on full display as the Mandalorian makes a fateful decision.

The Mandalorian’s Past

So far, the show’s only revealed the titular character’s past in bits and pieces. However, I think I’ve seen enough to guess what happened to him. From the looks of things, his home was attacked by the Separatists during the Clone Wars. His parents hid him in a cellar to protect him, but the clankers got to them, and would have killed Mando as well.

Say what you will about the prequels, but the battle droids were some of my favorite things about them. They’re both scary and hilarious at the same time. Mostly, though, they’re hilarious, so seeing them again was a fun treat. I also took it as a sign that Disney’s taking its job of creating a more cohesive canon seriously.

As for the Mandalorian, we know he survived the droid’s attack. I’m going under the assumption that he either escaped or the Mandalorians found him. They’ve adopted orphans before to increase their ranks; it’s the Mando Way.

The Mando Way

Regarding the Mando Way, this episode reveals that this group of Mandalorian’s is a little different from what we saw in The Clone Wars and Rebels. In this episode, they speak of an event known as the Great Purge brought about by the Empire. Now they live in hiding, only going out one at a time. In other words, something big may have happened to Mandalore. One that led them to adopt this new “Mando Way” to survive

If you saw the events in Star Wars: Rebels, then you know that the Mandalorians fully rebelled against the Empire. They’re the best warriors in the galaxy, but they can’t fight off the Empire forever. Maybe the Empire tried to wipe the Mandalorians out for good between the events of Rebels and Return of the Jedi. I think that explains why the Mandalorian’s are in hiding years after the Empire collapsed.

Regardless, the big takeaway about the Mando Way is that they stick together no matter what. That ends up saving the Mandalorian at the climax of this episode.

A Heart Under That Armor

Even though the show portays him as a grim Clint Eastwood type of figure, I already found out that the protagonist has a heart. We saw him shoot the IG-11 droid to protect the Baby Yoda. It was for his payment, but that’s besides the point. In addition, he remained very patient with the child when it wanted to play with its surroundings. He grew to care for the baby like a son.

Ultimately, when push comes to shove, the Mandalorian goes full-on papa wolf for the baby. As a result, we got not one, but two amazing firefights in the climax of the story. Seeing the Mandalorian become a Star Wars fusion of John Wick and Clint Eastwood was as entertaining as shootouts get. The pacing was a bit slow at times, but the show writers made up for it by playing up the suspense.

Good intentions aside, the Mandalorian made himself the most wanted man in the sector. For emphasis, every tracker fob at the Bounty Hunter Guild lights up the minute Mando leaves with the Baby Yoda. However, the Mando way means the Mandalorians stick together.

Undoubtedly, the sight of the Mandalorian tribe coming to the rescue was the highlight of the episode for me. It emphasized two things: firstly, that the Mandalorian’s stick together. Secondly, much like a wolf hunts in packs, the Mandalorians do so as well. As a result, they’re nigh unstoppable.

Mando vs. the Imps

Whatever Imperial warlord wanted the Baby Yoda will now be after the Mandalorian. Which means the next few episodes are going to be a lot of fighting and running from the bad guys. In other words, we just got a Jason Bourne story alongside John Wick and Clint Eastwood.

I don’t know what will happen next episode, but after seeing what the show’s had to offer, I know it will be good. The Skywalker Saga may be coming to an end (for now), but The Mandalorian feels like a bright light for the future of the franchise. As a bonus, this episode introduced me to the woman who will be helming the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series, Deborah Chow. I think Kenobi’s in good hands.

I Give “Chapter 3: The Sin” A 4.5/5. As Perfect as We can Get

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  1. I’m really liking this series. And Mando being attacked by Separatists explains his hate for droids. I never got that connection!

    I do wonder with what we know now what happen to Sabine during the original trilogy.

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