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A Girl Named Eri

My Hero Academia-The Girl in the Bad Guys Clutches

My Hero Academia, Season 4, Episode 6 Review/Recap

Ever since Midoriya had to Overhaul take that little girl, Eri, he can’t stop thinking about how scared she was. Before we could see him deal with that any further, though, the last episode switched the focus to Kirishima. As Red Riot, he encountered a villain with two very powerful drugs: one that can take away Quirks, and the other enhance them. The show’s made it clear Overhaul’s connected to this, but it’s not until this episode that we see how deeply it goes. It all connects back to that little girl named Eri.


Not long after Kirishima’s fight, he, Midoriya, Uraraka, Asui, and the Big Three are summoned to a meeting. Sir Nighteye’s brought in a lot of major and minor heroes to address the Shie Hassaikai and their plans. Based on everything they’ve learned, Nighteye’s determined that Overhaul’s created a new drug that can temporarily shut down people’s Quirk’s. However, what’s sickening is Fat Gum’s own revelation. The drug in question’s made from the blood and cells of Eri.

The revelation that Overhaul’s using Eri fills Midoriya and Togata with disgust. However, Nighteye takes the blame for them, saying he told them not to interfere. Despite several people wanting to go after Overhaul then and there, Nighteye promotes caution. If they lose Eri again, then the villain’s will make sure they never find her. As for the two young heroes, they’re more determined than ever to save Eri. In the Shie Hassakai’s hideout, all Eri can think about how kind Midoriya’s touch felt to her as she cries.


Some say that it takes a truly evil person to hurt a child, and they’re right. The fact that Overhaul’s using Eri as a tool for something so vile sickens me to my stomach. The sad thing is that I knew this was coming since I read the manga, but it still disgusts me.

Once I got past the initial rage, though, I thought of what a quirk-destroying drug could do. Ultimately, the only conclusion to be made was that if Overhaul found a way to destroy people’s Quirk’s, it would trigger unrest on a global scale. I saw this exact scenario at the start of Joss Whedon’s run on The Astonishing X-Men, so I know how dangerous a power-destroying drug is.e

This season of My Hero Academia may lack the stakes that All for One brought, but the fact that we’re seeing how it affects people makes up for it. Justin Briner and Ricco Fajardo deliver with their emotions as Midoriya and Togata. I can’t wait to see them rescue Eri. Go beyond, Plus Ultra!

I Give “An Unpleasant Talk” a 4/5. No action, but plenty of drama to keep you hooked.

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