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The Mandalorian Starts With a Bang

The Mandalorian

Ever since Disney bought Lucasfilms, and with it, Star Wars, I’ve kept a skeptical eye on where the company takes the franchise. Then they axed the Expanded Universe and thirty plus years of extra content that they’ve yet to make up for. They may have given us Thrawn back, but I won’t be satisfied until I see the return of Revan! However, I think Disney’s starting to step up, and a big example would be the new show, The Mandalorian.

Taking place five years after the events of Return of the Jedi, The Mandalorian follows the titular character. Working as a bounty hunter in the Outer Rim, he accepts a job from an Imperial Remant. The mission: find a target of unknown appearance, and bring it to them. However, he soon realizes that there’s more to this job than he thought.

Space Western

The Mandalorian’s essentially Star Wars’ take on a space western, with the start of the first episode making that clear. Firstly, it takes place in the Outer Rim, a region in Star Wars known to varying degrees of law and order. Depending on where someone is, governments may not exist. In other words, its the perfect place for outlaws, criminals, and guns for hire, just like the Old West.

The Mandalorian vs. Stormtroopers. The Stormtroopers don't stand a chance.

As for the the gunfights Westerns are famous for, The Mandalorian has them. The titular character lives up to his people’s reputation when he storms a bandit hideout in the first episode. He did have help from an IG Assassin Droid, but regardless, he’d have gotten in. He’s a Mandalorian, after all.

The Mandalorian Himself

If I could best describe the Mandalorian, he’s like a combination of Clint Eastwood and Samurai Jack. He’s quiet most of the time, never speaking more than necessary. He’s almost impossible to beat in a fight, and he’s great with a blaster.

The Mandalorian, the next Boba Fett

Owing to the fact that we’ve yet to see him without his helmet, we don’t know what the Mandalorian looks like. In addition, it seems like his past will be revealed piece by piece. What’s known is that he wasn’t born a Mandalorian; he’s a foundling. Given the nature of that term, it’s implied that the Mandalorians found and raised him. Thus, he probably had a rough time growing up, turning him into the warrior he is today.

Despite being a deadly killer though, the Mandalorian’s not cold-blooded. His actions show that he does seem to care for other people. However, it’s locating his target that brings his concern for others to the forefront.

Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda on the Mandalorian

It’s impossible to discuss this show without talking about the target, the Baby Yoda. Aside from being super adorable, its inclusion is historic for Star Wars. Firstly, we know almost nothing about Yoda’s species; not even their name. Secondly, this is the first time I’m aware of that we’ve seen a baby Yoda.

Third, and I cannot emphasize this enough, the baby can use the Force! If that baby can use the Force, then it explains why the remnant’s of the Empire are after it. Who knows what they could with the Force at their disposal once more. One thing’s for sure, though: the Mandalorian’s getting involved in some deep poodoo.

Star Wars Done Right

Dave Filoni, the future of Star Wars and one of the people behind the Mandalorian

For the first time since Disney took the reins of Star Wars, I feel confident in their ability to treat the franchise right. This new show looks and feels like a true part of Star Wars, and I love it. It also helps that it’s made by two men we can trust: Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni.

Jon Favreau’s proven himself to Disney through his work in the MCU. However, what interests me more is Dave Filoni. The man behind Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Rebels, and Resistance, he’s as big a fan of the franchise as we are. More importantly, he learned under the wing of George Lucas himself; that makes him Lucas’ apprentice. In fact, I hope to see Dave Filoni take the reins of Star Wars in the future. If The Mandalorian continues to be a success, then that may happen.

Overall, I recommend checking out The Mandalorian if you have Disney+. It’s got a lot of potential, and Star Wars needs to start rebuilding its universe outside the films. So, starting this friday, I’ll be reviewing each episode of the show as it comes out. Hopefully, this will help lead into what I have planned for December regarding Star Wars. May the Force be with us.

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  1. I really liked the first two episodes.It’s doing its own thing but you can tell it’s apart of the Star Wars Universe. The main character is interesting (I can see why they didn’t use Boba Fett from a personality angle.) as well as the story itself. I’m all on-board with this.

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