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Red Riot Roars Onto the Scene!

My Hero Academia, Season 4, Episode 5 Review/Recap

After the multiple revelations of last week’s episode, I think viewers needed a chance soak everything in. So instead of focusing on Midoriya, this week’s episode focuses on his classmates; specifically Kirishima. As Red Riot, he’s doing his own work study with Amajiki under Great Saiyaman Fat Gum. However, he winds up getting caught in the effects of Overhaul’s master plan in the process.


At a secret location, Shigaraki meets with Overhaul and tells him he’ll work with him, on two conditions. Firstly, he won’t a subordinate: they’re equal partners in this plan. Secondly, the young man wants to know what Overhaul’s plan is. He already knows it has something to do with what they hit Mr. Compress with. Overhaul cryptically says that he plans to fine-tune what All for One did and upend the status quo.

Elsewhere, Red Riot (Kirishima) is on patrol with Suneater (Amajiki) and Fat Gum. After stopping a trio of robbers, Suneater’s suddenly shot by a fourth criminal with the same bullet used on Mr. Compress. Red Riot pursues the criminal on his own and seems to have him beat. However, the man then injects himself with a drug that makes his Quirk go crazy. As a result, Red Riot pushes his Quirk and defeats the bad guy with his new move: Red Riot Unbreakable! All the civilians present praise the young hero for his efforts, but Fat Gum’s left worried about the criminal used.

Red Riot Finishing Move! Red Gauntlet!


By a wide margin, Midoriya’s my favorite character in My Hero Academia; partially because his sense of justice and bravery reminds me of Spider-Man. However, I think a good Shonen story needs to give its supporting cast time to shine. This episode was all about the supporting cast.

Aside from Kirishima’s amazing display, it’s also revealed that Uraraka and Asui are doing their own work studies. Like Deku and Kirishima, they’re working alongside another member of the Big 3, Nejire. As a result of all their heroics, the members of Class 1-A are getting noticed by the public. Honestly, I think its nice to see them get recognition; they’re building their legends as heroes.

As much as I loved seeing what the others are up to, there are bigger problems. I know that Overhaul has some kind of drug that can surpress a person’s Quirk. What worries me more, though, is that drug that criminal used to fight Red Riot. It was like a super-powered steroid, and in the wrong hands, that could be catastrophic. Whatever Overhaul has planned, it’s big. In other words, this episode sets us up for a something monumental, and I can’t wait to see what happens next week! PLUS ULTRA!

I Give “Let’s Go, Gutsy Red Riot” A 4/5. Really enjoyable

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  1. Great episode. They did the Kirishima fight good. And Fat Gum! I love that guy. Also, got the mention the animation of the first scene with the girls. That was unexpected and awesome.

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