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War for Underworld Begins

Sword Art Online: Alicization- War of Underworld Episode 30 Review/Recap

It took us six episodes to get to this point, but at last, the War for Underworld has begun. I waited for this moment since reading about it in the web novels. I wanted it to be what made SAO a good isekai again. However, this first episode felt like a repeat of the Battle of Ice and Fire from Game of Thrones. The difference is that this time we can see what’s going on.



With the barrier between the Human Empire and the Dark Territory shattered, the War for Underworld begins. The Dark Territory’s plan is simple: win through sheer numbers. Goblins, giants, and more hammer away at the front lines without respite. While the Integrity Knights live up to their power, there are too many enemies. When Deuselbert  runs out of arrows to fire, he resorts to using his sword as an arrow. Eldrie’s position’s covered in smoke, so he can’t fight without hurting his men. As for Fanatio, one of her followers gives their life so she can slay the Chief of the Giants.

Despite the Knights best efforts, they’re fighting a battle they can’t win. One of their members, Renly, is so scared he runs back to the supply depot. Through all of this, Alice watches in the sky overhead, gathering the energy needed for what amounts to a Spirit Bomb.


So far, I think the War for Underworld’s off to a slow start; a very slow start. The anime’s going out of its way to let as many Integrity Knights appear as possible, yet only a handful are shown fighting. After spending the first half of the season focusing on the Knights, it feels like a letdown.

However, I do think that Fanatio and Deuselbert had their own badass moments, so the anime’s at least making an effort. They don’t mentioned as much in the web or light novels. Meanwhile, Alice is flying above the battle pulling a Goku as she charges her attack, so the best Integrity Knight does nothing. However, it’s not Alice I want to see fighting: who I want to see is Asuna.

Asuna logged in several episodes back to find Kirito. However, we’ve yet to see any sign of her in Underworld. When she does show up, though, I can bet she’ll kick some serious butt. I want the War for Underworld to have Asuna kicking ass, but I have to wait who knows how long? Hopefully, next episode will have Asuna make her grand appearance and turn the tide of battle; that’s how these “cavalry ride” scenarios work.

I Give “Battle of the Knights” a 3/5. Give Me Asuna and Leafa now!

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