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Board Girls for the Win

South Park Season 23, Episode 7, “Board Girls” Review

After the “Season Finale” episode from last week, it looked like South Park was through with Tegridy Farms. However, I knew that Matt and Trey like to mess with us sometimes, so I was skeptical. However, it looks like it’s really gone. The bad news is that this episode focuses on PC issues. In other words, that means we got PC Principal, Strong Woman, and the PC Babies.

I didn’t like PC Principal when the show first introduced him, but after Season 19, Matt and Trey toned him down. Even so, I think that South Park can be better off avoiding PC topics. In fact, this was the first episode of the season that I didn’t watch live; I went to sleep instead.

Heather Swanson, Jerk

The PC Principal/Strong Woman plot focuses on Strong Woman losing an annual athletic event to a transgender woman. However, said woman, Heather Swanson, is a jacked-up beefcake and Strong Woman’s ex-boyfriend. She dumped him because he’s a jerk, and he couldn’t stand losing to a woman. In other words, I think Heather does this in a petty act of spite against Strong Woman. In addition, since she’s transgender, PC Principal can’t raise the concerns he has without being called a transphobe.

I don’t really understand the message the show was trying to send with Heather, but I don’t really care.

Board Girls Rule

The more interesting story came with the subplot that gives the episode its name. When some of the girls try to join Cartman’s and Stan’s board game club, Cartman’s furious. Being Cartman, though, he’s mad because the girls are way better at playing games than he is, and his fragile ego can’t stand that. Stan, on the other hand, doesn’t mind playing with them, and seems impressed with how good they are. I know I was.

The end result is that Cartman goes all the way to Congress to get the girls out of his club. However, this backfires when they form their own club, Board Girls. Board Girls proves to be a thousand times better than Cartman’s group, and it looks like the kind of club I’d join in a heartbeat.

This Flew Over My Head

Both the Board Girls and Heather Swanson plots converge when the latter shows up at the school to rub it in Strong Woman’s face. Again. The girls of South Park Elementary are clearly unimpressed, and challenge her to beat them in any board game. After seeing Heather’s obnoxious behavior all episode, seeing her get thrashed by kids felt cathartic.

While my inner geek was impressed by the knowledge of board games shown in this episode, I think the message of “Board Girls” flew over my head. It simply wasn’t my cup of tea.

I Give “Board Girls” a 2/5. I Made the Right Choice Sleeping Through It.

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