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Rebecca Sees the Future

Edens Zero Chapter 69 Review/Recap

With their adventure on Sun Jewel behind them, the crew of the Edens Zero seems stronger than ever. Homura’s now taken Valkyrie’s role as the Sword of Eden, and Rebecca finally has her Ether Gear. However, events in this chapter seem to indicate a dark future. One that only Rebecca may be able to stop.

Also, Rebecca resumes her role as the fan-service poster girl of Edens Zero.

Edens Zero Chapter 69 Cover


Rebecca’s estactic to show everyone her Ether Gear, Leaper, but Weisz thinks its a rip-off of Arsenal. The argument eventually leads to most of the group having a race to see whose the fastest. Pino promptly wins by using her EMP to shut down everyone’s Ether Gear. Afterwards, Rebecca relaxes in the baths, thinking of what she can do with Leaper.

However, Rebecca has a terrible nightmare. In it, she and a harsher version of Shiki are in a terrible battle. When she wonders where Happy is, Shiki harshly tells him that Happy’s dead. Rebecca wakes up terrified in Sister’s room/the infirmary, relieved that it was only a dream. Sister informs her that something big happened in the hour she was out.

Edens Zero Chapter 69

After giving Drakken Joe’s ship the slip, they caught up with the Edens Zero once more. Since the ship couldn’t win a head-on fight, Shiki opted to launch a preemptive strike. He, Weisz, Homura, and Pino boarded Joe’s ship to do recon. What an idiot.

Edens Zero Chapter 69


Firstly, I don’t think that what Rebecca saw was a mere nightmare. Instead, it could be a vision of a possible dark future for Shiki. It sounds far-fetched at first, but we’ve already seen that Shiki has a dark and vengeful side to him. In addition to this, I remember Xiao Mei saying that Rebecca’s Leaper may end up saving the universe one day. Maybe she’s meant to help Shiki in his darkest hour or something.

While I didn’t get to it in the recap, this chapter had another big reveal: Valkyrie’s role on the ship. As the Sword of Edens Zero, Valkyrie maintained the ship’s armory and weapons, and it has enough for a war. The biggest weapon, though, is 3173: Etherion. If you’ve read Mashima’s other works, this is a reference to both Rave Master and Fairy Tail. Mashima’s fond of referencing his past works.

This chapter, though, has me worried that Shiki’s in over his head. We’ve caught glimpses of how dangerous Drakken Joe is, and in their current state, I don’t know if Shiki can win. If Shiki’s team gets captured, then Rebecca and Happy will be the best chance the Edens Zero has. One thing’s for sure, though: things are going to get dangerous next chapter.

I Give “Rebecca’s Nightmare” a 3/5.

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