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Terror Tales VI in Space!

Regular Show Terror Tales VII

Jay’s Month of Screams, Day 29- Regular Show

I made a promise to take a look at every one of the Regular Show Terror Tales of the Park episodes, and I meant it. After a month of specials, I’m at the final episode; the one when the park gang was in space. Not even going to space will stop the Park Gang from their tradition of telling scary stories, though. It’s Terror Tales in Space!

As the Park Gang prepares to travel to the Halloween Nebula to party, they decide to help their friend Recap Robot get pumped for Halloween. So, the gang takes turns telling scary stories.

Fear Planet

Terror Tales in Space

Skips starts off with a story about the Park Gang forced to get gas for their ship from the worst possible planet: Fear Planet. It’s a planet made of material that bring people’s fears to life. The only way for them to get fuel is get out of the ship and walk across the planet, with their worst fears.

This story had a really good premise behind it. It’s like if Pennywise was an entire planet that tried to kill you. Unfortunately, it’s ruined by Skips’ fear: flying disc free-stylers. I’d say its the weakest story of Terror Tales in Space.

King Sized Candy Bars

Terror Tales in Space with Vampires

In Eileen’s story, the gang goes trick-or-treating on the Space Tree when they see a quarantined dome with king sized candy bars inside. They decide to take a risk and go inside the dome. Unfortunatley, the quarantine was due to Vampires!

I’ve seen ninja’s in space before, but vampires in space was new to me. I’m all for mashing up different types of horror, but this seemed a little silly for me. If I think something from a surreal show like Regular Show is silly, then that’s saying something. Also, if there were vampires in space, then they’d never be able to go anywhere since there would be stars everywhere.

Alien Roomate

Shannon from Terror Tales in Space.
Worst. Roommate. Ever.

The last story for Terror Tales in Space is about the Park Gang trying to find a new roommate for income reasons. They get this creepy alien called Shannon to move in, but she ends up being the worst roommate ever. When they finally can’t take her anymore, the gang has to band together to force her out of the dome.

This entire segment’s an obvious parody of the Alien Franchise. Shannon’s appearance alone resembles a Xenomorph, but the plot also seems to follow the basic plot of the movie. It even parodies the climax of the original film with Muscle Man sacrificing himself to push her out of the airlock.

Eat it, Shannon!

The Tyson Zone

Terror Tales in Space with spaghetti.
Spaghetti and Meatballs

The special’s over, but it had one last surprise for us. While traveling to the Halloween Nebula, the Park gets caught in a black hole. In all honesty, that’s downright terrifying, but still nothing compared to what happens next. The Park Gang wakes up to find themselves turned into actual spaghetti and meatballs. They then realize they ended up on the plate of Neil DeGrasse Tyson, voiced by himself, as he proceeds to eat them.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, as himself.

I genuinely liked the fact the DeGrasse Tyson cameoed as himself in the last Halloween special. That said, I think this was the weakest of all the Terror Tales episodes. I simply wasn’t feeling the same hype that I once did from them. The show ended a few months later on a very high note, though, so I can at least say that they went out with a bang. Terror Tales in Space may not be as fun as the other specials, but it was a fitting finale to the specials. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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