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Someone To Love

Edens Zero Chapter 67 Review/Recap

After witnessing her callous reign over Sun Jewel, Kurenai’s been defeated by Shiki. Instead of killing her, Shiki brings her to her daughter, Homura, like he said he would. Having lost so much because of her mother, Homura realizes that she never needed her mother. What she needed was someone to love.


With Kurenai defeated, the residents of the slums of Sun Jewel want to make her pay. However, Shiki asks the people to let Homura cast judgement on her. As the Scarlet Woman’s daughter and Valkyrie’s student, she’s got the right to do so.

The first thing Homura does is show Kurenai the stuffed animal she gave her, and she does not recognize it. Realizing that any care her mother had for her is gone, Homura thanks her for giving her life, but disowns her and tells her to never return. As she flees, a man she disfigured earlier ambushes her along with a group of thugs. They declare that she’ll be their pet for all eternity.

At Valkyrie’s resting place, Homura places the stuffed animal beside her, her real mother.

Someone to love


A couple of things about this chapter. Firstly, I enjoyed seeing Homura disown her birth mother in the most bad ass way possible. It showed how she’s grown since childhood, and how she never needed her mom. What she needed was someone to love, and Valkyrie fulfilled that role. Like I’ve been saying, Valkyrie was Homura’s real mother.

Secondly, I thought that Homura’s ultimate fate was a fitting punishment. Having spent so long depriving people of their freedom, she’s going to spend the rest of her life as a slave. It’s karma at its finest, and I enjoy seeing people get their just desserts.

Karma's a pain. Someone to love

With Kurenai gone and Sun Jewel free, the next chapter will probably deal with the bigger threat: Drakken Joe. We don’t know if Edens Zero was able to repel him or if he captured the ship. Either way, this will Shiki’s toughest fight yet.

I give “Someone to Love” a 4.5/5. Karmic Retribution indeed.

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