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Hazbin Hotel is Open for Business

Hazbin Hotel Title

Jay’s Month of Screams, Day 28- Hazbin Hotel Review/Recap

For today’s choice pick for my month of screams, I’m doing something entirely different. It’s a new show that just came out on YouTube today, and people have been waiting for it for years. Also, it takes place in Hell and has demons beating the snot out of each other, so I thought it’s perfect for Halloween. Come with me to Hell as we check in to the Hazbin Hotel.

By the way, this post is doubling as a review of the show’s pilot.

Welcome to Hell, Pop.: Too Many

Created by Vivienne Medrano, AKA “Viziepop,” Hazbin Hotel gives the phrase “when there’s no more room in Hell,” a new meaning. In Hell’s case, they have annual purges that wipe out excess sinners. It’s a cruel method, but no one has a better idea. Until now, that is.

Enter Charlie Magne, the Princess of Hell whose ironically one of the sweetest people in the place. Her dream is to open a hotel to reform sinners and send them to Heaven. However, since this is Hell and everyone’s a jerk, everyone laughs at her idea. Yet with the help of her girlfriend Vaggie, their first client Angel Dust, and a powerful entity dubbed the “Radio Demon,” Charlie’s dream may come true. Or it could end up crashing and burning.

Hilarious as Hell (No Pun Intended)

I will get straight to the point: Hazbin Hotel is one of the funniest things I’ve seen on YouTube in years. If I weren’t watching it in public, I would have been laughing my butt off to it. The humor is virtually flawless: the jokes and one-liners have perfect timing and contain enough foul language to rival South Park. That’s right, I said it rivals South Park, and those guys are the kings of foul language. 

In addition to the humor, the animation and artwork are gorgeous. The residents of Hell come in every shape imaginable, and the way they move around is fluid and satisfying. On top of everything, the background art is every bit as gorgeous. Between all this and the voice acting, it’s clear that Viziepop and her team put their heart and soul into Hazbin Hotel.

Now for a brief overview of the characters. To put it simply, I couldn’t decide who’s my favorite in this show, because the entire cast is just so much fun!

Charlie Magne

Charlie the Princess of Hell and mastermind of the Hazbin Hotel
The one on the right is Charlie

Daughter of the Devil and Princess of Hell, though given her personality, you wouldn’t know it. She’s as bubbly, energetic, and optimistic as the heroines in this decade’s Disney cartoons. She genuinely wants to make Hell a better place and thinks her Hotel is the best chance to do so. Even if almost everyone else thinks she’s a joke.


Vaggie from Hazbin Hotel
Vaggie plays the straight man to Charlie.

Charlie’s girlfriend and the one who keeps her grounded. The two are as close as lovers can be, and its clear Vaggie wants what’s best for Charlie. She’s also got a very low tolerance for other people’s nonsense, and she’ll go berserk if anyone tries to hurt Charlie. She’s skeptical about the Hazbin Hotel, but she supports Charlie as best she can. Plus, she’s fun with knives.

Angel Dust

Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel
He is hilarious and you should NOT quote everything he says

A crass, sarcastic drag queen/porn star/crime lord/spider thing. He’s the first person to volunteer for Charlie’s Hotel, but he doesn’t seem to take it seriously. I think his main reason for staying at the Hotel is that it’s free as long as he behaves.

love Angel Dust! He’s got some of the most badass scenes in the pilot for Hazbin Hotel, and he’s got all the one-liners. He brings most of the laughs in the show, and I look forward to seeing more of him.


Alastor the Radio Demon from Hazbin Hotel
The face of evil

What happens when you take the charisma of Bill Cipher, the Joker’s wicked smile, and all the demonic power of the Devil? You get something like Alastor, the Radio Demon. He was a murderous radio host in life, and the first thing he did in Hell was overthrow most of the old guard. After that, he broadcasted it for everyone to watch for the fun of it.

He doesn’t believe that a demon can be redeemed, so why help with the Hotel? In his own words:

Sheer, absolute boredom!

In other words, he’s backing the Hotel so he can watch it crash and burn for his amusement. At least he’s honest about it, though I still think he’s hiding something.

Hazbin Hotel is Perfect for Halloween

Hazbin Hotel may be one of the most original web shows that I’ve ever seen. It’s got the humor, drama, and all sorts of foul language. It’s excellent, and the people behind it are amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing more episodes, and I think its the perfect thing to watch for Halloween. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to go to Hell and check into the Hazbin Hotel! Happy Halloween!

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