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Steve Blum Presents Terror Tales V

Jay’s Month of Screams, Day 27- Regular Show, Terror Tales V

With Halloween nearly upon us, I’m closing in on the last of my picks for the month of screams. Since I’m such a big fan of Regular Show, I’m going to finish my review on the Terror Tales of the Park series, and this next one may be my favorite. It’s got Steve Blum in it!

The episode starts off with Benson throwing a Halloween party that the gang agrees is awesome. The centerpiece to it is Racki the Wishmaker, a mechanical genie voiced by Steve Blum. Legendary for his baritone voice, Steve did a lot of the extra voices for Regular Show. I love the guy, and this episode has him at his finest as Racki. He can grant people visions of whatever they wish, but it’s made scary! One by one, the park gang tries it out.

Mr. Bossman

When Benson wishes to motivate Mordecai and Rigby at work, he gets a vision of him getting a dummy named Mr. Bossman to yell at them. The duo are so creeped out that it actually works. Then one night, Mr. Bossman comes to life and tries to kill Benson and take his job!

When I tried writing that FANDOM article on Terror Tales, I included this in my five favorite stories. I thought that Mr. Bossman reminded me of Slappy the evil dummy from R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series. I’ve seen reruns of the show on TV, and that’s one of the best episodes.


Steve Blum Presents Terror Tales V

Pop wishes that he could travel more, so Racki gives him just that. In his wish, the entire park gang’s doing jury duty on Halloween, with an actual werewolf as the defendant. When the criminal attack Pops in the bathroom, Pops turns into a werewolf and is left to take the rap while the real guy escapes. So Pops has to run all the way to London.

Steve Blum’s famous for the hundreds of roles he’s done, with some of them being in the same show. This story’s one such example, with him voicing the Werewolf and the man’s lawyer. Steve Blum aside, I enjoyed this story because it ends with the song “Werewolves of London”.

Werewolves of London with Steve Blum

Going Up

Hi-Five Ghost wishes that he could visit his girlfriend Celia in Prague, so Racki grants his wish. Unfortunately, Fives makes the mistake of taking the elevator rather than walk 36 flights of stairs. Only he gets stuck inside the elevator!

While it doesn’t seem too scary at first glance, its the ending that makes this segment scary. Celia reveals that the elevator’s been broken for years, and the repairman for it died a long time ago. Except Hi Five Ghost was talking to him right before he went inside the elevator. It’s creepier when you watch it.


In a change of pace, the special has four stories instead of three. When Rigby wishes to be popular as a kid, his vision shows him just that. After some kids make fun of his costume, Rigby accepts a dare to take candy from a creepy old house. When he tries taking more than one, though, he incurs the wrath of the witch that lives inside.

This segment, in hindsight, feels similar to the wizard one in the original Halloween special, but it’s got a few good differences. Instead of turning Rigby into a house, the witch turns him and Mordecai into chocolate to eat. That was disturbing, but I already saw a villain do that in Dragon Ball Z, so the effect gets diminished. I actually forgot about this story until I saw the special again.

Oh, and I think Steve Blum voiced one of the other kids.

Steve Blum Strikes Again

Racki (Steve Blum) Gets the Last Laugh

The Terror Tales almost always has a weird ending, but this one takes the cake. Racki the Wishmaker tries to make off with the Park Gang’s valuables, only to fail and get destroyed. He gets the last laugh, though, since Benson won’t get his security deposit back.

In a twist, the entire episode’s revealed to be a vision from Benson at the Halloween Party shop. He wanted to see his wish for the best Halloween party ever, and Racki’s powers turned him off altogether. At least Steve Blum sounded like he was having fun.

This was probably my favorite of the Regular Show Halloween episodes. The stories were fun, I enjoyed the pop culture references, and, of course, Steve Blum giving a hundred percent. I loved it, and I think you will too! Happy Halloween!

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