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Fanboy Meets Fanboy- Deku vs. Nighteye

My Hero Academia, Season 4, Episode 3 Review/Recap

In order to do a work study under Sir Nighteye, all Midoriya had to do was get him to laugh. However, it looks like his impersonation of All Might only offended the older fanboy. The meeting of the ultimate All Might fanboys shall commence!


Deku's resolve as he fights Sir Nighteye. Boy meets... Fanboy

Despite failing to make Nighteye laugh, Midoriya manages to turn things around by demonstrating his knowledge of All Might. Yet Nighteye refuses to let him do a work study because he thinks he has nothing to offer. So the man gives Midoriya a test: if he can get the stamp out of his hands in three minutes, then he’ll sign off on his work study.

Fanboy fighting. Sir Nighteye can see the future!

Midoriya gives it his all, but his training’s no match for Nighteye’s Quirk. By touching his target and making eye contact, Nighteye can see someone’s future actions for up to an hour. He effortlessly dodges Midoriya’s attacks. When the test is over, though, Nighteye realizes that Deku never damaged any of his All Might memorabilia. He held back and dodged it all. Impressed, he approves Midoriya’s work study, though makes it clear that he doesn’t approve of him being All Might’s successor.

With his work study secure, Deku begins his first mission. Nighteye’s agency is investigating Overhaul’s actions and needs more intel. However, not long after heading out, Deku runs into a terrified young girl, with Overhaul in tow.


I, for one, found the dynamic between Midoriya and Nighteye to be very humorous. The way that they both fanboyed over their shared love of All Might was funny, even if it wasn’t intentional. Having been a fanboy of multiple things myself, I understand how much fun it is to talk to someone about what you love with someone who loves it as much. That’s how friendships are forged.

All fanboy stuff aside, I think it’s unfortunate that Nighteye doesn’t see Midoriya as a worthy successor to All Might. In the older man’s eyes, Mirio Togata fits all the qualities of the next Symbol of Peace. Midoriya may need to work on his confidence a lot, but for all his faults, we know he has the heart of a hero. That’s why All Might chose him.

The next episode is going to see Midoriya face his biggest test yet, and I think fans have a lot to look forward to. That little girl fleeing from Overhaul is very important, and saving her is the key to stopping the plans he has in store. If Deku can’t save a single girl who’s crying, then he’ll never be able to call himself a hero.

I Give “Boy Meets…” a Solid 4.5/5

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