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Gravity’s Gonna Crush You

Edens Zero Chapter 66 Review/Recap

When I heard what the planet Sun Jewel was like, I knew Edens Zero was in for a fight. In the end, I was right: Shiki went to war with Lady Kurenai for abandoning Homura and killing Valkyrie. As a result, the Scarlet Woman’s reign’s about to end, crushed by the gravity of Shiki’s fist!


The fight with the Kurenai Dragoon starts wearing on Shiki, but the young demon king continues to dodge every attack. Frustrated, Kurenai resorts to her mech’s missile barrage. Shiki then lands on top of the mech and converts the missile’s energy into gravity. He then proceeds to crush the dragoon with his Gravity Impact. Thus, Kurenai becomes so terrified that she wonders if Shiki’s even human.

With Kurenai thus defeated, Nino shuts down all of her forces, leaving the rebels victorious. As the rebels and crew celebrate their victory, Shiki shows up with Kurenai, captured and at his mercy. He said he’d bring Kurenai to Homura, but how will she react to seeing her mother again?


When Shiki said he was going to crush Kurenai with his gravity, I knew it was as good as done. However, I didn’t expect the fight to be over so fast. Based on how much trouble Shiki had, though, I think the fights are starting to be a challenge for him. At the least, I think he’s going to have to get stronger to fight Drakken Joe.

As for Kurenai, her reign over Sun Jewel’s effectively over, and for one reason alone: she made Shiki mad. As we’ve seen, Shiki embraces the title of Demon King when he gets mad. The look he gives Kurenai’s enough to melt solid steel!

The Wrath of the Demon King

I enjoyed this chapter because it shows off how cunning Shiki is and how much he’s mastered his Gravity Ether Gear. All that’s left is for Homura to settle her mother issues, then they need to go after Drakken Joe. He’s still after Edens Zero, and its almost defenseless with most of the crew on Sun Jewel!

I Give “Gravity’s Gonna Crush You” a 4/5

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