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I Love The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Jay’s Month of Screams, Day 22- Peanuts

Today’s choice for a Halloween special is by no means scary. Nonetheless, it’s so well-known that watching it is as big a Halloween tradition as Trick-Or-Treating. I’m talking, of course, about the Halloween classic, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Ever since it first aired back in 1966, the Great Pumpkin has aired every Halloween. It’s one of the first Halloween specials I ever remember seeing, and as a big Peanuts fan as a kid, it holds a special place in my heart. I daresay it, but next to A Charlie Brown Christmasthe Great Pumpkin’s the most famous Peanuts special.

Welcome Great Pumpkin

Linus’ Annual Struggle

Most of us know the plot, so I won’t bother trying to avoid spoilers. We know how Linus spends Halloween night in a pumpkin patch, waiting for the Great Pumpkin. Nonetheless, he refuses to give up on seeing the Great Pumpkin. We know Linus’ engaging in an exercise of futility, yet we can’t help but admire his determination. 

The nature of the Great Pumpkin’s debated by scholars and philosophers for years now. Some see it as symbolic of unshakable belief, while others see it as an example of people believing in something foolish. Charles Schulz, though, says there’s a greater meaning to the Great Pumpkin. He thought it would be funny for a kid to confuse aspects of Halloween and Christmas, which are both popular in America. I think Schulz’s right, that we’re over-thinking things, and yes, I do find it amusing. Flying Ace Snoopy

Flying Ace Snoopy

Flying Ace Snoopy in the Great Pumpkin Special

The real reason I keep coming back to a special I’ve memorized by heart, though, is Snoopy. I loved Snoopy as a kid, and so did many kids growing up. Watching his various antics in the Charlie Brown specials was half their appeal, and the Great Pumpkin is his most memorable appearance. 

World War One Flying Ace scene’s one of the best moments in the history of animation and my favorite part of the special. It only uses moving backgrounds and changing colors, but its simplicity is incredibly effective at attracting viewer’s eyes.

I Love The Great Pumpkin

I’ve seen the Great Pumpkin special several hundred times now, and I’ve memorized every part of it. Yet it’s the special that I keep coming back to every Halloween. It may not have the same appeal as an adult, at times, but I enjoy the nostalgia. In addition, I can pass that love on to my kids one day. So whether you believe in the Great Pumpkin or not, Happy Halloween, everyone!

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