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Overhaul Means Business


My Hero Academia, Season 4, Episode 2 Review/Recap

With the recap episode now out of the way, My Hero Academia can get into the meat of the season with its new villain. The deadly supervillain Overhaul makes his anime debut, and right off the bat, he show’s he means business.


At the League of Villains hideout, Tomura meets with a man called Overhaul, a member of the Yakuza gang Shie Hassakai. Despite trying to recruit him into the League if Villains, Overhaul lambasts Tomura for having plans, and that he intends to become All for One’s successor. When the League tries to attack him, he shows his power by brutally killing Magnus and somehow shutting down Mr. Compress’ Quirk.

Meanwhile, Deku tries to further his hero training by doing a work study at a hero agency. At Gran Torino’s and All Might’s suggestion, he decides to go to Mirio Togata, who’s studying under All Might’s former sidekick, Sir Nighteye. The first thing that Midoriya must to get Nighteye to acknowledge him, though, is to make him laugh. In addition, this is what he sees when he first walks into his office:

MHA, Season 4 Episode 2, Overhaul
Nighteye takes humor very seriously


That mask reminds me of the ones doctor’s used in Renaissance Europe

I won’t beat around the bush: I liked this episode. It manages to effectively introduce our newest villain and a major hero in the same episode, as well as give us insight into their characters. If you read the manga, then you know that Overhaul’s Deku’s toughest foe yet. Worse, unlike Tomura, he has a plan that could shake up the world of heroes.

As for Sir Nighteye, I’m looking forward to seeing him in the anime. Despite his stoic appearance, he considers laughter and humor to be one of the biggest weapons a hero can use. Given how nervous Midoriya can be, we know that he’s going to have a hard time with Nighteye. The end results, though, will be worth it. I’m honestly looking forward to seeing this season. In addition, the fact that it’s simuldubbed the same day it comes out in Japan gets my hyped! Go beyond, plus ultra!

I Give “Overhaul” a 4/5.

Also, can we talk about the video Nighteye was watching. Look at all those dislikes!

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