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Demon Knight Was a Weird Movie

Tales From the Crypt-Demon Knight

Jay’s Month of Screams, Day 19- Tales From the Crypt

I was looking at scary movies to watch for tonight, and I remembered this movie that Nostalgia Critic talked about on Wednesday. Called Demon Knight, it’s based on the HBO series Tales From the Crypt, which was based on the comics of the same name. I can’t believe I did not know about this, or that Robert Zemeckis helped produce it.

Regardless, I thought that it’s worth watching so I found it on demand. Here’s a basic rundown of the plot. It’s basically a survive the night scenario about this mysterious man, Blayker, who’s stuck in a motel being attacked by demons. The reason why there are demons in the first place? Blayker has a key/chalice with the blood of Jesus in it, and it’s one of seven keys needed to unleash an army of demons to conquer the universe. So Blayker has to protect it along with a bunch of other trope-fulfilling characters who will obviously die, except for the final girl.

After looking through it all, I can say one thing about this film: it’s like the king of B-horror films. It’s cheesy, it’s goofy, and the special effects aren’t that breathtaking, even by 90s standards. However, Demon Knight succeeds because it relishes how silly it can be. It’s raunchy, over the top, and filled with blood and gore, but in a fun way. I can see why people liked it, and why it’s a cult film.

Since I never saw Tales From The Crypt, though, I couldn’t connect to it as much as Critic did. It’s a good movie, but it’s just not something I’m interested in. Maybe I’ll watch it a second time, just in case. Happy Halloween!

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