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Terror Tales III is in the House!

Regular Show Terror Tales of the Park-Home Boys

Jay’s Month of Scares, Day 18- Regular Show III

By now, it should be clear that I really enjoy the “Terror Tales of the Park” episodes from Regular Show. They’re the “Treehouse of Horror” specials of the decade. As such, I intend to include all of them in my month of scares. In Terror Tales III, the Park Gang makes a bet on who can tell the scariest story on Halloween. Winner gets all their candy, and the loser gets stuck in their costume until Thanksgiving Dinner (*cough* Thomas *cough*). As usual, here are the stories and my thoughts on each of them.

Killer Bed

Rigby starts the special off by giving us a story about a bed that’s to die for. After carefully saving up his money all year, Rigby’s able to buy a real bed for himself! However, he soon learns that his bed’s special. It was made by a murderer who fell into a bed-making machine, and the bed comes to life and tries to kill Rigby!

I found this story to be very entertaining, as it’s similar to the backstory of Chucky the killer doll from Child’s Play. However, I enjoyed the ending the most. While it looks like the Park Gang lets the killer bed go, they wait until the next day and chop him to pieces. I thought it was a funny bait and switch.

Jacked-Up Jack-O-Lantern

In Muscle Man’s story, he, Fives, Mordecai and Rigby go around smashing all the pumpkins in the park. When they come across a pair of pumpkin scarecrows with a “do not smash” sign, they smash one anyway. As a result, the angry scarecrow comes to life and attacks the guys so he can do some smashing of his own!

This story may have been the weakest out of the three in the special. I admit, a scarecrow voiced by Mark Hamill’s scary, but his revenge’s lackluster. He turns them into pumpkins so he can smash them, take the seeds, and grow them into talking pumpkins. It’s ironic, but not really good.

Previous Owner

In Benson’s tale, the park gang makes the mistake of staying in the house on the worst possible night. Two hundred years ago lived Jebediah Townhouse, the previous owner of the house. He looked and acted like someone from the 1980’s, but his people couldn’t understand him. So he fused his soul into the house to wait to return. What up, home boys, Jebediah in the house!

When I saw this story, two things immediatley came to mind for me. Firstly, this seems a lot like that film Monster House, but funnier because uses 80s lingo. Secondly, it epitomizes all the things that were lame about the 1980s in hindsight, like the slang terms and hair styles. It’s a good thing I keep up with modern lingo and terms. Happy Halloween, Fools!

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