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A Step Ahead of the Samurai

One Piece Chapter 959 Review/Recap

The last chapter of One Piece saw hope give way to utter despair. On the appointed day of the Fire Festival, the Nine Red Scabbards are horrified to find none of their allies have made it. We’ve been in the dark on Orochi’s actions for two weeks now. However, our latest chapter shed some light on how Orochi was a step ahead of the Samurai.

A Step Ahead of the Samurai


Two days before the rendezvous at Tokage Harbor, the Alliance splits up for the Fire Festival. Their plan is to arrive in separate groups to not attract suspicion, but Luffy can’t help but feel uneasy. He realizes that Jinbei has yet to show up in Wano, even though Big Mom’s already there. Everyone assures him that he will make it, though.

Orochi is a step ahead

However, the day before the rendezvous, Orochi launches a pre-emptive strike. Using the Beast Pirates aerial units, he severs the bridges connecting Wano, attacks the Thousand Sunny, and destroys the Alliance fleet. Nonetheless, the Nine Red Scabbards choose to go out and fight, even though it will mean their deaths.


You should never underestimate the power of the fool in a time of war. Yasuie made that clear, and now Orochi has driven the point home. If he weren’t a slimeball, I’d have to respect him for his sound strategy of separating the Alliance. The fact that he knows of the Nine Red Scabbards and their travel through time is of greater concern, though. He’s now a full step ahead of the Alliance, and they’ve lost any advantage.

I know that the Alliance isn’t out of the fight yet, and I think I know another way they can get to the rendezvous point. Oda wouldn’t have brought Jinbei up now unless he’s foreshadowing a future plot point. My guess is that Jinbei will show up with a new way to get to Onigashima. It’s all we have to go on at this point.

We’ll have to wait a while to find out what happens, though. After many months of dodging it, we’re finally getting a flashback to Kozuki Oden and his life. I wish Oda had done this at an earlier point, but this flashback will answer any lingering questions about the Wano characters, Oden, and how Orochi came to power. It should be interesting, but let’s hope it doesn’t drag on. Orochi may be a step ahead now, but the war’s not over!

Coming soon: we're actually going to see Oden Kozuki's face!

I Give “Samurai” a 4/5

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