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Homura Stands Up

Homura repays Garret for the pain he's caused her.

Edens Zero Chapter 65 Review/Recap

While everyone else has been fighting for their lives, Homura’s left in a state of shock over Valkyrie’s death. We know that she can’t afford to sit around and do nothing, though. If she wants to truly honor Valkyrie, then Homura must stand up and fight her wicked mother.


Homura paralyzed

As the sounds of battle get closer, Homura realizes the rebellion has already begun. Remembering Rebecca and Shiki’s encouragement, Homura realizes that she has to fight for her master’s memory. As soon as she tries to stand, though, it’s revealed that Garret‘s whip filled her body with paralyzing toxins. She’s left at the sadistic man’s mercy.

He pressed Homura's beserk button.

The man then makes a huge mistake, though, by mocking Valkyrie and then defiling her remains. Her berserk button pressed, Homura unleashes her Ether Gear, only for it to fail. However, in a move out of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, it’s revealed that was a distraction so she could get her master’s sword. Launching it high into the air, it then brings judgement on the monster, impaling him to the ground. Rebecca and Weisz arrive soon after, and Homura vows to keep moving forward for the sake of her friends.

Homura repays Garret for the pain he's caused her.


While seeing heroes beat their enemies in a straight up battle of brawn is fun, it’s not that realistic. Oftentimes, it will be brains in conjunction with brawn that wins. In other words, being clever can help a hero win.

I was suitably impressed by how Homura used her powers to win despite her disadvantage. After seeing the man defile Valkyrie, watching him get his comeuppance was satisfying. I don’t know if he’s dead yet, but for now, he’s out of the game.

This chapter provided Homura with some much needed character development. Having accepted the loss of her master/mother-figure, Homura has found a new family in the Edens Zero. If they’re to win against Kurenai and Drakken Joe, they’ll all need to work as one. The fight will be tough, but I know that’s going to be worth seeing in the end.

I Give “The Swordswoman Can’t Move” a 4/5

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