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Costume Quest, the Show All About Halloween

Jay’s Month of Screams, Day 15- Costume Quest

The reason why I do this Halloween special a day is because I can’t contain my love for the holiday to one single day. I want to get as hyped as possible, hence the specials. After all these years, though, I have found a show dedicated entirely to the best aspects of the holiday. From the studio that brought you The Fairly Oddparents and Adventure Time, and based on the cult game of the same game, comes Costume Quest!

How I found Costume Quest

I was browsing on Twitter this morning, checking up on latest celebrity news. That’s when I saw this tweet from Daron Nefcy, the creator of Star vs. The Forces of Evil:

So I followed Daron’s suggestion and looked up the show on Amazon Prime. After that, I spent the whole day binge watching it. I also looked up the guy that Daron mentioned in her thread for the tweet.

As Co-Executive Producer for Costume Quest, Bryan Caselli has an impressive resume. He started out as an intern for another show that I love by the name of Regular Show. From there, he moved on to be a writer and storyboarder for the show Sanjay and Craig. After that, he became a storyboarder for Star vs the Forces of Evil. He even has a page on the show’s wiki!

As for the studio, Frederator is known for creating quality cartoons. They’ve had a long partnership with Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, creating some of their best shows. From The Fairly Oddparents and Adventure Time to their successful YouTube channel, they bring the goods. I couldn’t think of a reason not to watch Costume Quest.

Costume Quest’s Plot

I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so I’ll try and keep spoilers to a minimum.

The Heroes of Costume Quest: Everett, Wren, Reynold, and Lucy
From left to right, we have Everett, Wren, Reynold, and Lucy.

The show takes place in the fictional town of Auburn Hollow, renowned for its supply of mineable nougat (yes it’s a thing). With Halloween coming up, four friends, Wren, her brother Reynold, Everett, and Lucy are shopping for costumes. That’s when they come across a junk shop run by a man named Norm, whose costumes have the power to transform them into what they’re dressed as. As cool as that is, they have a powerful secret connected to the town.

The kids learn that a hundred years ago, an army of powerful monsters, the Repugnians, came to Auburn Hollow from another dimension to steal its nougat. Nougat’s like a drug for them; when they eat it, they get jacked up and turn into super-monsters. They could have conquered the universe with that power, but a group of four kids with similar costumes drove them back. With the portal to Repugnia set to open again that Halloween Night, the remaining monsters are active once more, trying to steal the nougat. Therefore, it falls to Norm and the four kids to use their costumes and imaginations to stop the Repugnians before they can conquer the universe!

Everything I love about Halloween in one Show

Part of the reason why I ended up binge watching Costume Quest is because it includes a lot of the different aspects I love about Halloween. First and foremost, it takes something fun like Halloween costumes and turns into an imaginative concept. Seeing the kids transform into all manner of creature or fictional character is entertaining, because they become almost anything. They can even turn into inanimate objects like cars and work just like a real one would. It’s like Ben 10 meets the Power Rangers.

the four heroes of Costume quest ready to battle.
From left to right, we have Lucy, Wren, Reynold, and Everett, all suited up and ready to fight

In addition, there’s the fact that the entire show takes place in October, when Halloween is on everyone’s mind. This means the Halloween fun is spread out over an entire month, leading up to a final, giant fight on Halloween night; with giant monsters. It’s like it was made for me!

Finally, there’s the fact that show revolves around protecting a candy. In the show, it’s treated like a combination valuable ore and super-drug. That can’t disguise the fact that it’s a candy, though, and that’s one of the most important and fun parts of Halloween! That, and scary monsters.

The Repugnians

Speaking of monsters, here are the villains, the Repugnians. They’re monsters that hide amongst the people of Auburn Hollow using ridiculously good costumes. It’s almost impossible to tell them apart from humans, hence why the kids can’t rely on anyone outside of Norm. When beaten, they turn into tiny monsters called Grubbins, but that’s about it. They can’t destroy them because it’s a kids show, and because people would notice if others went missing.

Costume Quest and the villain, Bob.
Bob, the evil leader of the Repugnians

They’re led by Bob, a ruthless monster who has all the hallmarks of a villain. He’s ruthless, he’s calculating, and a terrible boss to his minions. Even without nougat, he’s still a dangerous enemy, and he knows how to use every advantage possible.

A Good Halloween Inspired Show

While it’s certainly not as scary as some other Halloween shows, Costume Quest is a good show. It’s well-written, the animation is appealing, and the level of creativity is plain for all to see. I couldn’t stop watching it! If you have Amazon Prime, then go watch it right now. The second half of the first season just came out last week. Until then, Happy Halloween!

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