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The Worst Case of ‘Pinkeye’ Ever

Jay’s Month of Scares, Day 12 (Late)- South Park

I would like to apologize once more for missing my Halloween quota last night. Therefore, to make it up, I’m doing two for one tonight: a Halloween special and a movie! Let’s start off with a classic Halloween special, Pinkeye” from the earliest days of South Park.

Patient Zero

Oh my god, they killed Kenny! You Bastards! South park Pinkeye
Oh my god, they killed Kenny! You Bastards!

It all started like how many classic South Park stories do, with Kenny dying a gruesome death. His body gets taken to the morgue, and through the power of South Park writing, his body gets pumped with Worcestershire sauce, turning him into a zombie. Zombie Kenny then proceeds to infect the entire town. Since most of the adults in the town are dumb, they believe the infection to be pinkeye.

I can see why the writers consistently portray the adults of South Park as dumb or immature. While I normally get annoyed by this level of ignorance, South Park wrote “Pinkeye” in a way that makes it so funny to watch. One minute people are walking down the street with zombies, then they get devoured.

The boys are completely oblivious to all this, though. It’s Halloween, so they’re focused on having the best costumes and candy. This was a fun subplot throughout the episode, though I was more focused on Cartman’s costumes then Stan’s misfortune of dressing up like Raggedy Andy. Cartman dressing up like Hitler is what I’d expect from him; his “ghost” costume was even worse though.

Zombies, South Park Style

Zombie film Pinkeye, South Park Style

However, I think the real humor comes from how it parodies the zombie film. Once the boys realize the danger they’re in, the episode turns into a full blown parody of the zombie apocalypse film. The boys slash zombies up left and right with the preferred zombie deterrent, a chainsaw. It’s gory, but the episode makes it fun to watch.

In the end, the “pinkeye” infection is quelled by killing Kenny (you bastards!) and everything returns to normal. Or does it? Yes, it is. Kenny comes back next episode normal.

This was a classic South Park episode, and the first of at least half a dozen Halloween specials over the years. Its fun, and as far as gore goes, it’s pretty tame. If you want to watch a classic, 90s Halloween special, then this is a good one. Plus, it has Chef dancing as Michael Jackson!

South Park Pinkeye, Chef does Thriller Night.

Happy Halloween!

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