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My Hero Academia is Back for the Semester

My Hero Academia, Season 4 Episode 1

My Hero Academia, Season 4, Episode 1 Review/Recap

Recap episodes can a difficult thing for a show to master. On the one hand, they provide established fans and newcomers a chance to get caught up. On the other, there’s those who want to dive into the action. Therefore, imagine my surprise when the first episode for the hit anime My Hero Academia is a semi-recap. Thankfully, I ended up enjoying it.


The world’s still dealing with All Night’s retirement and the ramifications it has. Everyone wants to get a scoop on All Might, but only one guy is able to figure out what All Night’s message really meant:

Now, it’s your turn.

Enter Tokuda Taneo, freelance reporter and the only one outside the main cast to figure out what the hero meant: he was talking to his successor. Convinced that it’s one of Class 1-A, he’s able to get on campus to spend a day watching Class 1A in their daily lives, all to find the next Symbol of Peace. Additionally, it serves as exposition reminding viewers of the students names and powers.

It doesn’t take Tokuda long to figure out that Izuku’s All Might’s successor due to how similar they are. However, it turns out he’s a big fan of All Might, too, and he and Izuku bond. In the end, he chooses not to write his article about All Night’s successor and keep it a secret. Not before a grabbing a selfie with the future Symbol of Peace, though.


I was apprehensive about this episode at first, as recap episodes can be boring. Thankfully, My Hero Academia subverts this by breaking by not following the standard recap formula. All it does is remind us of the most important moment of Season 3, then give us the name’s and powers of the students. Admittedly, I have a problem with remembering their names at times.

The biggest surprise was how much I liked Tokuda. At first, I was worried that he was just someone looking to cash in on All Might and Class 1A’s growing fame. What we got, though, was a true fan who looked up to All Might for saving his father’s life. Truth be told, I think he did this less for the job and more as a way to reassure himself that there’s still light left in the world.

Tokuda’s Smart

I also have to give Tokuda credit. He was able to figure out the real meaning behind All Night’s message to the world. To the best of my knowledge, he’s the only one aside from Midoroya and Bakugo to figure it out. That’s impressive, and this guy wasn’t even in the manga. I actually hope to see more of him in the future, even if I found his Quirk to be a little too convenient for his job. Seriously, he can make cameras appear from his body; that’s weird, even by Quirk standards.

My Hero Academia is a rising star in the anime world, and in an age where superheroes dominate our culture, I don’t see any signs of it slowing down. This episode was a terrific, if quiet, way of starting a new season, and I look forward to watching it. I also look forward to reviewing every episode. That’s right, I’m doing My Hero Academia on top of SAO: Alicization and all my other things! PLUS ULTRA!

I give “The Scoop on U.A. Class 1A” a 4.5/5

My Hero Academia- Bakugo being Bakugo
Bakugo doesn’t like getting his picture taken.

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  1. I’m surprised how much I like this episode despite being a recap. Good job, anime staff. You can tell they put actual thought into the story.

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