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Rebecca the Leaper

Edens Zero-Rebecca's Power

Edens Zero Chapter 64 Review/Recap

For the last several arcs of Edens Zero, the manga’s been hinting that Rebecca would get her own Ether Gear. This chapter sees that plot thread pay off as Rebecca fights Nino. A new Ether user rises!


With her guns useless and Nino having the range, Rebecca’s at a disadvantage. Nino’s Soul Arms can knock her out in one blow. Right as they connect though, Rebecca realizes something. All the Edens Zero’s fights on Sun Jewel have mirrored their fights against Xiao Mei’s fighters. That’s when all her Ether begins to rush to her feet.

Leaper ether gear

Rebecca discovers that her new Ether Gear lets her leap great distances. She closes the gap between her and Nino, and knocks him out with an awesomely named kick. The battle over, she tells Weisz the name of her new Ether Gear: Leaper


This chapter was short, but it marks an important point in Rebecca’s character growth. While she’s proven strong enough to hold her own with her friends, she’s one of the few without Ether Gear. Without Happy, she can’t really fight back, but this changes things.

I think that Leaper isn’t that cool of a name, but it’s appropriate. It feels like a cross between Mario’s jumping skills and Sanji’s fighting style. If that’s any indication, and given what Xiao Mei says, she’ll become a force to be reckoned with. Also, it fits the emphasis that the manga’s put on Rebecca’s legs; this time, it’s not in a fan service method.

I look forward to seeing what happens next. It should be fun.

Before I go, I wanted to tell everyone that the anime for Mashima’s hit, Fairy Tail, came to an end recently. If you haven’t watched the final season, then I recommend you do so!

I give “Leaper” a 4/5.

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