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Merry Ghostmas!


Jay’s Month of Scares, Day 11- Blockhead

Since I was too busy watching the Joker movie, I couldn’t watch a Halloween special. As a compromise, I rewatched these old Halloween shorts from this guy on Newgrounds, The Swain’s Blockhead.

Blockhead’s about the titular character, and he’s this yellow, unbelievably dumb guy who annoys everyone he meets. The other main character is Blockhead’s Conscience, who say he’s the only thing standing between Blockhead and the Earth’s total destruction. Unfortunately, Blockhead never listens to his Conscience and destroys everything he touches, especially on Ghostmas Day.

Blockheads Conscience, no doubt inspired by Carl from Aqua Teen

Ghostmas Day is this holiday Blockhead in place of Halloween; and on a random day of the year. No one really knows what it’s about, beyond Blockhead committing random acts of vandalism. That, and singing a nonsensical song.

I liked watching these videos when I was younger, and I still think they’re good for a laugh. Blockhead always gets away with his nonsense, no matter what it may be, and seeing the back and forth between him and his Conscience is like a comedy duo at work. It’s funny, and the Ghostmas episodes are Blockhead at his best. Happy Halloween Merry Ghostmas day!

If you want to see Blockhead commit his senseless acts of vandalism, click here. You can find The Swain’s shorts on YouTube! The Ghostmas episodes are 4, 8, and 11, plus this standalone special. Thank you for your patience, and I promise I will be back tomorrow with a Halloween special. Plus something else special!

Oh, and maybe the new episode of Sword Art Online: Alicization.

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